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Auditor-Controller Interviews: George Beck

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on April 16, 2013

4:06- We are taking a sixty second break but George Beck is in the room. Stay tuned, we’ll be right back after these messages from our sponsors.

4:09 PM- In his opening statement he talked about his undergraduate work at UCLA and has done graduate work at Cal State Fullerton. He currently works for the Los Angeles Unified School District and works directly with the food services department. He was the city auditor for Houston, Texas and has an extensive background in the business world.

4:14 PM- He talked about this being a calling for him and not just a job.

4:15 PM- Supervisor Spitzer asked why LAUSD has not broken up into smaller districts. Beck answered that LAUSD has had major problems in the past and breaking it into smaller districts requires certain stakeholders such as unions and other influence groups to get behind it.

4:18 PM- On a follow up question Beck stated that he ran for office in high school (jokingly), but in all seriousness stated that he would run for reelection. Though he does not know if he would run of not given the appointment.

4:20 PM- Supervisor Nguyen asked what operational areas need improvement, if any. Beck answered that he would first have to learn about what the office is like. How automation is going, would be a question he would ask immediately and focus in on this.

4:23 PM- Supervisor Bates asked about his experience with a property tax management system. He answered that his only experience is through paying his own property taxes. On a follow up question he answered that an internal audit function would be appropriate to have under the right circumstances.

4:27 PM- Supervisor Nelson asked about a time when his personal integrity was tested. beck answered that he has not been put in the position to have to make a stand on integrity. In Houston he did have on instance when he was doing an audit and felt that issues existed. Instead of keeping quiet he did bring issues forward to his supervisor in Houston.

4:31 PM- Supervisor Moorlach asked his questions. Beck is not receiving any public pension, has not been sued or involved in any investigation, has never run for public office, and has a Bachelors degree. His CPA license is from Virginia and he talked about his inability to qualify for the license in California or Texas because he did not have the experience requirement met.

4:34 PM- In closing he talked about his appreciation for the opportunity to interview and admitted that his chances to get the job may be slim but he will make the commitment to be a great Auditor-Controller.

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