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Auditor-Controller Interviews: James Benuzzi

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on April 16, 2013

4:36 PM- We are now on to our final interview with James Benuzzi who has entered the room.

4:39 PM- He is giving his opening statement about his background and experience in the world of finance. I must say that he was really brief with his statement.

4:40 PM- Supervisor Spitzer asked about his education, Benuzzi responded that he has an MBA from Chapman University and has experience implementing accounting systems in different realms. His experience in Placentia showed him how government can effectively fail.

4:43 PM- On a follow up question Benuzzi stated that he will run for re-election and feels strongly because he believes that making a commitment requires following through on that commitment. If not appointed he stated that he would strongly consider running because he likes the idea of committing to public service.

4:46 PM- Supervisor Nguyen asked about what improvements can be made to the current office. Benuzzi answered that he would fully implement the property tax management system.

4:47 PM- His interview is flying by, which is not a very good sign. Considering two weeks ago Dick Ackerman, Harry Sidhu, and Michael J. Fox were the only interviews to run short. On a personal note, he is a very likeable guy.

4:50 PM- Supervisor Bates asked about the internal audit function. His answer was very technical although he appears to like the current system in place which is having an internal auditor currently reports to the Board of Supervisors.

4:52 PM- Supervisor Nelson asked about his integrity and if it has ever been tested. Benuzzi talked about doing fraud audits and how he would always do his job without bending the rules on any investigation. On a follow up question Benuzzi talked about his leadership skills being an asset that he would use without being autocratic.

4:54 PM- in response to the questions from Supervisor Moorlach; he is not receiving a public pension, has an MBA from Chapman, has not been sued or involved in any investigation.

4:55 PM- In closing he looks forward to the opportunity to serve.

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