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Supes To Appoint Elected Orange County Publisher Position Today While Scandal Is Discovered

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on April 1, 2013

In a move that I did not see coming the Orange County Board of Supervisors have called a special meeting today to fill one of the lesser known County positions up for appointment. The Orange County Publisher is the individual that does all of the publishing for the County of Orange. The typical political insiders that you would expect to see applying for an elected position as the OC Supervisors will be deciding between five different applicants that have had no electoral experience.


Chris Nguyen and I thought about throwing our names into the hat but in the end opted against it, This leaves the Orange County Supervisors with the following names to choose from for the position:

-Steve Mora
-Jim Alford
-Chris Kernan
-Leslie Frazier
-Connor Dunston

These applicants were all coasting through comfortably until it was found out that a scandal existed inside the office of Orange County Publisher. The position was initially created as a full-time elected position which received a $150,000 paycheck per year. In a trick move by the previous elected Orange County Publisher in their contract all nine positions in the office are salaried at $100,000 per year and are paid to the person handling the responsibilities regardless of whether or not they are doing multiple jobs in the office. It appears the previous OC Publisher was doing all 9 jobs along with their elected position to accumulate a salary of over $1,000,000.

On top of the over $1,000,000 salary the Orange County Publisher gets a commission on every item they publish of $10,000 making this a very costly position for the County of Orange. Due to negotiations breaking down the new Orange County Publisher will be under the same contract thus making this appointment later today a lottery of sorts for an over $1,000,000 prize. I am outraged by this and so should our readers. The thought of one County Elected official being the highest paid employee (including all of the publishing commissions totaled up) in the State of California is quite disturbing.

One Response to “Supes To Appoint Elected Orange County Publisher Position Today While Scandal Is Discovered”

  1. Bob Knisely said

    April Fools everyone!

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