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Former OC GOP Executive Director Qualifies For Ballot in SD 16 Special Election

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on April 1, 2013

Former Republican Party of Orange County Executive Director George Andrews has qualified for the ballot in the 16th Senate District special election up in the Central Valley. I have already come out and announced my support for George as he would make an excellent Assemblyman. The always grouchy Chris Nguyen has refused to endorse Andrews as of yet claiming that he does not have high enough name ID to be a strong candidate for the seat.


Some of the well-known folks in the party have already had a very positive reaction to the news. I have already taken it upon myself to make my contribution to the campaign both through a check and a free ad on the left side of our blog.

Here are some of the other reactions that I found from some of the recognizable names in politics.

Chandra Sharma: “Two of the presumptive favorites for SD 16, Nicole Parra and Henry Perea, have both announced that they won’t be running for the seat. Sounds to me like no one wants to go head-to-head with George Andrews.”

OC Political Author Allen Wilson: “State Senator George Andrews (R-Hanford, District 16)…I approve!”

CRP Vice-Chair Harmeet Dhillon: “George Andrews for Senate District 16!”

Josh Mann: “Make history and elect George Andrews as the first Indian American to represent California’s 16th Senate District!”

Joel Olsson: “George Andrews, It will be an honor to have you represent me in Sacramento. You are a good man!”

Julie Paule: “George Andrews will make the Republican Senate minority a Super minority. Vote Andrews for Senate.”

The list goes on and on with the support being overwhelming for George Andrews. I am considering temporarily relocating to the Central Valley to volunteer on this campaign in order to help George get elected since this is a swing seat. Stay tuned for more information on this campaign as it becomes available.

3 Responses to “Former OC GOP Executive Director Qualifies For Ballot in SD 16 Special Election”

  1. Luis Alvarado said

    I know George! He will be a great candidate. His interview with Al Jazeera is a must see.

  2. Serg12@yahoo.com said

    April Fools!!!!

  3. Allen Wilson said

    Nice try, Chris! :)

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