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Thug Politics in Yorba Linda is alive and well

Posted by Brenda Higgins on October 20, 2012

As predictable as the return of the Santa Ana winds in November, is the election year hit piece generated by YLRRR. Yorba Linda Residents for Responsible Representation, was originally formed in response to the commencement of development of what has been come to be collectively known as the Yorba Linda Town Center, in about 2006. The name was Yorba Linda Residents for Responsible Redevelopment, it was changed after they managed to kill the plans that were in place and run the developer out of town. Since that time this special interest group has controlled and determined the outcome of each and every city council election.

In spite of their indisputable political strength, they continue their schoolyard bully approach to campaigns, aggressively ramping up rhetoric and playing fast and loose with the facts.

In 2010 it was the piece with a photo of (then incumbent) Jan Horton, with a big red slash across her face.

True to form, they have chosen the same basic format, the same marginal effort at accuracy and the same level of histrionic antics.

Voters in Yorba Linda continue to vote with the recommendations of this group. I don’t understand it, but thug politics still works, at least here.

14 Responses to “Thug Politics in Yorba Linda is alive and well”

  1. Rod Collins said

    Let’s expose the thugs by name and then commence the counter attack!!

  2. Ed Rakochy said

    Speaking of thugs, let’s talk about your good buddy Jim Winder saying he wants to PUNISH Councilpersons Rikel and Schwing. That doesn’t sound like the civil behavior he says is missing on this Council. Jim Winder isn’t the solution. Jim Winder is part of the problem. Thank goodness he terms out in November. Although, you may want to have a chat with him about restraint and hitting the send button on his e-mail program.

    The YLRRR mailer does nothing more than expose Councilman Winder and his chosen candidates for who they really are, developers and career bureaucrats with big fat pensions and special interests at heart. The facts are all available on the Internet and election financial statements at City Hall and the Registrar of Voters office.

  3. Ed, as a lawyer who deals with people in the throes of bitter divorces all day long, I know how difficult it is to cope with unresolved anger and bitterness. Since Mr. Winder defeated you in the 2008 election, I can completely understand your feelings for him, particularly in light of the significant investments of time and money you made in that campaign, and the drawn out, difficult and expensive recount process. Please know that you can contact me at anytime and I will be happy to provide you with a referral to a good counselor in our area who can certainly assist you with that. I’m sure it will help.

    Rod, The problem with YLRRR is that they have always been very crafty in keeping secret their membership and contributors. Much like the hunddreds of millions raised by the Obama campaign last month, YLRRR has mastered the art of the under-the-radar donations.

    A number of individuals, Mr. Rakochy included, claim responsibility for giving birth to the idea of this organization, so we may never know who was first or who’s been there the longest, OR who has given the most money. The only thing we know for sure is that they put Earl Carbonne out front as the President.

    Earl Carbonne is a longtime personal friend, and honestly, one of the loveliest humans I have met. That’s why he’s out front. From what I have observed, he’s the only one with any ability to have an appropriate public demeanor.

    The individuals who claim membership are generally, as you have no doubt seen at coucil meetings and witnessed in the discussion on YL topics on this blog, hyper-vigilant, histrionic, veracity challenged, and angry.

    The only effective “counter” is to replace their candidates, Schwing and Rikel. We must have objective, open minded candidates, who do not have ties to this organization. Candidates who when elected will vote independently, according to their own conscious, related to the best interests of the citizens of Yorba Linda, and not per the mandate of the groups who got them elected and to whom they are clearly beholden and ingratiated.

    Thanks for reading!

    • edrakochy said

      Brenda, I don’t need bad advice from a defeated Council candidate and an attorney with an attitude problem. I’d rather call the Lawyer Referral Service. Like I said, I’m quite comfortable being off the dais. You must have me confused with former Councilwoman Horton who is need of some serious anger management, along with Councilman Winder who can’t seem to get over losing the Brea PD contract to OCSD.

      • Jan said

        Not angry Ed, Just concerned about the control YLRRR has wielded in the past few elections and how we now we have the sheriff union buying our councils elections for Rikel, Schwing and peterson in thanks for the lucrative contract. Am I the only one here seeing the problem with this?
        I am forever hopeful we can have a diverse council that is intent on doing the right thing for the entire community rather than the select few of their supporters. That is why I am supporting Hernandez, Young and Knappenberger.

        • edrakochy said

          Hernandez, Young and Knappenberger are the furthest thing from diverse. All three are tied to development interests. Hernandez is taking tens of thousands from developers and real estate interests and their political action committees. Young is a real estate investment attorney who represents real estate and development interests. Knappenberger had interests in the failed Town Center fiasco and owns property near there. Finally, both Hernandez and Knappenberger are retired police officers. Hernandez was the Chief of Police in Chino and Knappenberger is ex-Brea PD.

          These guys are about as diverse as flock of sheep cloned at the Jim Winder ranch.

          • Jan said

            then you have not spoken to them ed. They are great candidates and worthy of being on Council. Imagine five diverse opinions each with their own expertise. The police experience is great to make sure the sheriffs union and the Sheriff live up to the contractural promises made during the negotiations. We need Council members that will do that effectively. We need Council members who can negotiate between the different groups and interests instead of pitting them against each other. We need Council members who listen to the community and will not have a prearranged agenda that appears to be self -serving, such as the police contract issue that ALMOST got Anderson recalled. We need Council members who understand business interests and have negotiated large contracts and small to support the town center development and help the city become more business friendly. We need someone who is able to understand the contracts we will enter into while we proceed with the town center development. And we need individuals who understand development to help keep the property development above Stonehaven in check.
            The current Council does not have these qualities.
            Support Knappenberger, Young and Hernandez for Yorba Linda City Council

            • edrakochy said

              Oh please Jan. Hernandez is using the same PR firm (Faubel Public Relations) as the developer of Esperanza Hills and you’re telling me he’s going to look out for the folks on Stonehaven. Why don’t we give the fox more chickens for his henhouse. Your threesome is not healthy for our City.

  4. Oh Ed, I really am so sorry. You clearly misunderstood my comment. I know I type fast and use big words, so I will go slow.

    Counsel–or, is a mental health professional, not a lawyer. You are correct, there is absolutely nothing I (as a legal professional) can do to help you.

    Four years after the fact, you are continually, combatively, rudely overtake and dominate, every single Yorba Linda discussion that occurs anywhere and everywhere. Clearly you have some unresolved bitterness and anger management issues. Your behavior speaks for itself.

    • Ed Rakochy said

      As long as you and Horton are around telling lies and half-truths, I’ll be here, there and everywhere to return the favor. It is truly a pleasure to be a thorn in your side.

  5. Jan, your points related to the Union and the lack of diversity on the council for the past few years are well taken, as well as the significant ethical issue and conflict of interest with the Union mailers.

    Any attempt to make these points to Mr. Rakochy, or any of his associated band of thugs is a wasted effort. Engaging in this circular and unresolvable debate with him only gives him the attention he seeks and increases the volume of this discourse, and makes interested voters tune out. On its surface, it sounds like the usuall pettiness and shrill childish antics that occur at the podium at the council meetings.

    We will continue to agree that things in our city need desperately to change, only differing in the manner and method with which we should try to get there.

    Thank you for reading,

    • Jan said

      I agree Brenda. My comments to Ed statements arer to make sure the public knows his “facts” are misrepresentations to further the political careers of the YLRRR candidates. Sorry if it comes across as bickering.
      Always good to read your thoughts. I agree with many of your observations and only wish the best for our Yorba Linds community.

    • edrakochy said

      Oh look it’s the Tag Team Ministry of Truth. Greetings comrade McCune and Comrade Horton. What yummy spins are we putting forth to the masses tonight? More skullduggery and thuggery? More about the big mean YLRRR who’s made up of average Yorba Linda residents, most of whom are retired and living on fixed incomes? What’s that I hear? Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble.

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