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Introducing San Clemente Council Candidate Mike Mortenson

Posted by Greg Woodard on October 19, 2012

We now move way down in San Clemente (yes, it’s still part of Orange County), with Council candidate Mike Mortenson.  Council member Jim Dahl also is running and he sought the Orange County Republican Party’s endorsement.  However, I made multiple attempts to contact Dahl and received no response.

Mike said he is running for City Council because he wants to provide a new perspective for the city that is (1) representative of a younger demographic that is not currently represented, specifically working families with children; (2) representative of a portion of the city north of the high school, including Talega and Forster Ranch, that also is not currently represented; and (3) business friendly.

Mike wants to strengthen the local economy to make it more business friendly by expanding the local sales tax base with clearer requirements on business, easing the permitting process, and reducing licensing fees.  Mike believes his plan will attract more businesses to the city and keep the existing businesses.

Mike also wants to improve the traffic in the city.  He stated that CalTrans is extending the carpool lane on the 5 freeway down to San Clemente, and doing other work that will impact traffic in the city.  Mike says he will be proactive in addressing the traffic concerns, including extending La Pata into San Juan Capistrano.  He also will address the parking problems in the downtown area.  Mike will work closely with the businesses and residents in working toward solving the parking problems.  He also noted that the city owns several vacant lots in the downtown area and he wants to determine whether those lots can be used in any way to alleviate the parking problems.

Mike also wants to preserve and enhance the city’s village character.  He plans on increasing the city’s revenues to reinvest in historical sites, adaptively re-use those sites, and get creative – for example, by increasing outdoor dining options to better utilize the city’s environment and climate.

Mike believes the current staff compensation is competitive with other cities but he is willing to evaluate what is best for the city.

Mike wants the city to grow in accordance with the General Plan.  He believes that growth needs to be smart and responsible.  He stated that the city is almost built out, so any future development must be consistent with the city’s village character.  He gave the example of the “T Zone,” which has an architectural overlay that must be complied with.  Mike noted that the residents have worked hard through the Planning Commission and General Plan Advisory Committee to develop the General Plan, and they need to implement it.

Mike is endorsed by, among others, Mayor Jim Evert, former Mayor and current council member Lori Donchak, former Mayor Candy Haggard, the Orange County Republican Party, and the Orange County Register.

You can find out more about Mike at http://mikemortenson.com/.

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