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Lucille Kring Violated Baugh Manifesto

Posted by OC Insider on October 5, 2012

On September 17, the Republican Party of Orange County Central Committee voted to endorse Lucille Kring for Anaheim City Council.

Three months earlier, on June 20, Kring accepted a $500 contribution to her council campaign from the Anaheim Police Officers PAC.  It can be seen on page 4 of her January 1-June 30 campaign disclosure.

This is a violation of the “Baugh Manifesto” that has governed OC GOP endorsements in non-partisan elections since 2010. This policy stated that, on a going forward basis, the OC GOP shall not endorse any candidate who has taken campaign contributions from a public employee union.

This has been a controversial policy and the subject of much media attention. There is no way Lucille Kring could have been unaware of it. She was planning to seek the OC GOP endorsement, and still took the police union’s money.

So how did the OC GOP miss that? Or did they know and endorse her anyway? The OC GOP has refused to endorse other candidates for the same offense. Two years ago, the party stripped Costa Mesa Councilmember Wendy Leece of her endorsement over a similar union issue.

If the Baugh Manifesto is to have meaning, then the OC GOP needs to rescind its endorsement of Kring, otherwise the lesson for other candidates will be you can play games with the unions and still get the OC GOP nod as long as you can hide it long enough.

30 Responses to “Lucille Kring Violated Baugh Manifesto”

  1. Wandering Conservative said

    What is with the OC GOP?

    In addition to Kring:

    Troy Edgar lies about taking OC Firefighter money and gets an endorsement.
    Edgar brags about an endorsement from Jim Silva who gave $3900 to Edgars campaign.

    Jim Silva has recently taken $2000 from the same union and has or will get an endorsement from the OC GOP. Was the $2k really for Edgar and laundered through Silva’s account?

    Dean Grose running for city council in Los Alamitos. Has and is taking money from the Firefighter union, brings national shame to Los Alamitos and the OC GOP for sending a racist email to a black businesswoman and gets rewarded????

    WTH is going on?

  2. Snidely Whiplash said

    The current OC GOP Central Committee is totally unequipped to vet candidates for local government. Too many nutjobs with their own agendas and axes to grind, and no political judgment. They don’t apply criteria evenly and cosistently, as you point out. They give passes to candidates they like.

    The Central Committee will endorse Candidate A even after being informed he/she donated to a Democrat, and then turn around and vote against endorsing Candidate B after learning he/she donated to a Democrat.

    It’s impossible to believe Kring didn’t kknow about the Baugh Manifesto. She solicited the Anaheim police union’s endorsement and contribution, and then signed the OC GOP candidate questionnaire promisingnot to accept union money. Shame on the OC GOP Central Committee for not doing its homework: members could have gone to Anaheim city website and learned from a few minutes research that Kring had taken union money.

    And shame on Kring for trying to fool the Central Committee members.

    Rescinding their endorsement of Kring is the right thing to do. Otherwise, the Central Committee is sending the message that it is OK to lie to them.

  3. Silly Republicans. That Baugh Manifesto is really messing you-all up!

    But… that’s not what I’m supposed to say. Lucille called me from out canvassing – I guess I’m the bloggiest guy I know! – someone told her about this story, and she asked me to write:

    She had been planning to give back that money since she took that pledge; her husband is her treasurer and was supposed to do that, but he’s been traveling a lot lately partly because his mother recently died; but she will return it POSTHASTE! Thanks for pointing this out and reminding her. (That’s me talking now.)

    Actually Brandman and Steven Albert CHAVEZ Lodge got the police endorsement, and the lion’s share of the money. Ah, Brandman and Chavez Lodge – the main reason folks from all over the political spectrum such as myself are getting behind Kring, just to keep these two corporatist puppets out. The police like Lucille as well though, partly because of all her great work with Cops 4 Kids.

    So, whatever. She’s giving that money back, whether that’s good enough for the folks here I can’t say. Silly Republicans.

    • correction: “bloggiest guy SHE knows.”

    • Snidely Whiplash said

      Vern, she called you because you’re practically her press agent in the blogosphere, and she knows you’ll regurgitate whatever she tells you. And you so in the tank you swallow her excuse.

      Kring actively sought the police union endorsement and solicited their financial help. She did it while she was also working to get the OC GOP endorsement. She knows the two are incompatible.

      It doesn’t matter if she “meant” to give the money back. She took it, and she’s only willing to give it back because she has been caught. Keep on making excuses for her, it won’t matter.

      • I ain’t swallowing anything, I’m just passing on what she asked me to pass on. I’m agnostic as to whether she should take money from the police, whether she should give it back, whatever.

        I’m her “press agent in the blogosphere” now? Because of one article I wrote, about Tait’s endorsement, where I ventured to say that I think he made the wise choice? Again, whatever.

        Bold boy, with the cartoon pseudonym. You’re not only embarrassed to use your real name, you’re also embarrassed to name the candidate(s) you’re really shilling for in Anaheim. Don’t blame you, that IS embarrassing.

        • Snidely Whiplash said

          Vern, stop trying to be non-chalant. Anyone reading your blog can see how you can hardly contain your enthusiasm for Lucille Kring, especially now that she has been endorsed by your latest man-crush, Tom Tait. Where’s your fearless search for the truth?

          • Greg Diamond said

            “Nonchalant” doesn’t take a hyphen. Seems like you may be taking something from someone though, eh, “Snidely”? (Catch that segue?)

            • You’re right, Greg, I’m pretty sure that, even though we know Jerbal is now “wordsmithing” for Pringle, he wouldn’t hyphenate “nonchalant.” It’s dismaying to think that lesser Jerbals walk amongst us. We could even be rubbing elbows with them at the OC’s nightclubs and amusement parks. One must trust that it is all part of God’s great plan.

        • Snidely Whiplash said

          “You’re not only embarrassed to use your real name…”

          We never see you say that to your bloggers “Mayor Quimby” and “Over But Not Out,” Vern. Hypocrite.

    • Orpheus said

      “She had been planning to give back that money since she took that pledge; her husband is her treasurer and was supposed to do that, but he’s been traveling a lot lately partly because his mother recently died;”

      Are you that gullible, Vern? Maybe you should look at her July 1 – Sept. 30 report. The Krings found the time to pay themselves back the $50,000 they lent her campaign, and to report the refund, but didn’t have time to give back the union’s $500?

      Nothing to see here, folks, move along, move along.

      • Again, I’m just doing her a favor and passing on what she said. Is it a good excuse? That’s for you repugs to decide. My work here is done. (And in response to your comment before, I don’t think Greg or I written a sentence “defending” her here; I just hope she beats Jordan and Steve who are the much greater evils. This ain’t conservative or liberal, it’s about Anaheim government getting a modicum of independence from the local corporate interests.)

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  5. Orpheus said

    Anyone else notice Kring’s two defenders here are liberal Democrats?

    • Greg Diamond said

      I’m not defending Kring. I’m making fun of you and of the “Baugh Manifesto.”

      For the record, when a Democrat is endorsed in a non-partisan race, my party’s rules give me as a Central Committee member the option of either endorsing that candidate or endorsing no one. Whichever I do, they prohibit me from endorsing or helping anyone from another party who opposes the endorsed candidate. (With candidates who are NPP, it’s a little more ambiguous.) So — I’m not getting involved in the race. I realize that we have ads and endorsements all over Orange Juice Blog, but that’s Vern the Proprietor’s business, not mine.

      (I’ve heard, but not tried to verify, that the OC GOP has similar rules for Republican Committee Members. My bet is that they’re also selectively enforced.)

  6. Snidely Whiplash said

    Note that Vern Nelson and Greg Diamond, who always have an opinion, suddenly have none when it comes to the unbelievability of Kring’s explanation. The only thing they have to offer is insults. That tells us everything we need to know.

    • Why should we have an opinion? This is your little intra-party squabble. From what I’ve heard anyway, the OC GOP endrosement plus two dollars and a quarter will buy ANY political candidate a delicious large cup of Starbuck’s coffee.

    • Greg Diamond said

      OK, I didn’t read the bit about Kring’s explanation that carefully, and what I did read didn’t seem like it was such a big deal — but if you want me to denounce it, I denounce it!

  7. Rolando Topete said

    Manifesto? This sounds like a word used by lefties, the “Communist Manifest”? Did Bough know about this word? Are OC Republicans also not supposed to take contributions from Corporations and Developers? At least the Bough Manifesto will keep Brandam and Chavez Lodge from being elected to the Anaheim City Council. Thanks God that the GOP is the main party in Orange County.

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