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Live Blogging from My Polling Place

Posted by Chris Nguyen on June 5, 2012

Well, info-junkies, 4600 of you have visited OC Political trying to find info on this election day. Results don’t come in for a little over an hour, so to tide you over, I’m live-blogging from my polling place.

This is my first time ever voting at the polls, as I’ve cast an absentee ballot in every election since I turned 18 years old.

At 6:52, I notice a Deborah Pauly for Supervisor sign at the main road leading to my polling place.

At 6:54, I find a half-full parking lot and get a relatively close parking space.

At 6:55, I enter. There’s some minor confusion as I surrender my absentee ballot. There are only two other voters present.

At 6:59, I begin voting.

For President, hm.

Ron Paul has a lot of online followers. Oh wait, Americans Elect’s online primary failed.

How about Mitt Romney? Polls show 2% of the American people believe his full first name is Mittens.


Republican Central Committee, 68th District

Clearly, the goal is to maximize the temptation for Brown Act violations at Central Committee.

Ah, the majority of the Orange City Council is on the ballot: Mayor Pro Tem Denis Bilodeau and Councilmen Jon Dumitru and Fred Whitaker.

Let’s see: Shawn Nelson will likely win in the 65th, and Janet Nguyen will likely win in the 72nd, so to put the majority of the Board of Supervisors on Central Committee, 68th District voters can vote for both Todd Spitzer and Deborah Pauly for Central Committee.

US Senate

I scroll over Orly Taitz’s name, but am concerned that I haven’t seen her naturalization certificate.

Dan Hughes is the interim Fullerton Police Chief. Oh, it’s not the same one?

Elizabeth Emken is the CRP-endorsed candidate. Wait, wasn’t CRP responsible for Watergate? Oh, different CRP?

US Representative, 39th District
Let’s see: White Republican Ed Royce, Asian Democrat Jay Chen, or white independent D’Marie Mulattieri.

According to conventional wisdom, Asian voters vote for Asian candidates. Conventional wisdom also says Republican voters vote for Republican candidates.

What’s an Asian Republican to do? Vote the color of my skin (though a different ethnicity) or vote my party/beliefs. Hm, skin color or beliefs?

State Senate, 37th District

Mimi Walters vs. Steve Young

So a character from The Drew Carey Show is running against an NFL star?

State Assembly, 68th District

Don Wagner vs. Christina Avalos

Yeah, I’ve got no lame wisecracks for this one. Sorry.

Judge of the Superior Court, Office #1

Deborah Chuang vs. Eugene Jizhak

Man, this is a boring streak on the ballot.

County Board of Education, Trustee Area 3

Hey, isn’t Ken Williams that doctor from the “No on 29” commercial?

County Supervisor, 3rd District

Spitzer vs. Pauly

Wait, didn’t Spitzer resign as Governor of New York in a prostitution scandal? And when did Pauly leave the cast of Jersey Shore? Why are these East Coasters carpetbagging to become Orange County Supervisor.

Oh, they’re different people. Darn.

Ballot Measures

Eh, I’m losing steam.

At 7:02, I finish voting.

Okay, sarcastic live blogging done. Real live blogging kicks in at 8:05 PM when the real results come in.

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