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Press Release: Travis Allen and Long Pham Agree to Debate: Troy Edgar Refuses to Debate

Posted by OC Insider on May 29, 2012

I received this press release on Friday, but didn’t have a chance to post it until today.  I found it interesting that the press release quoted two candidates.  I think this is the first time I have seen this. Also, the press release include a email chain showing the multiple attempts that were made to try to get Troy Edgar to debate.

Travis Allen and Long Pham Agree to Debate: Troy Edgar Refuses to Debate

 May 25, 2012

Huntington Beach, CA – Candidates for the 72nd Assembly District Travis Allen and Long Pham have both agreed to have a debate. Unfortunately, their calls for a debate have been met with complete silence by the Troy Edgar campaign.

In an effort to set up a debate, the Edgar campaign was contacted by email on more than five occasions.   Additionally, candidate Edgar was asked in person to debate by candidates Travis Allen and Long Pham.

Travis Allen commented on Edgar’s continued unwillingness to hold a debate.  “I am not surprised that a candidate with a history of raising taxes on numerous occasions, supporting the high speed rail boondoggle, and awarding a highly questionable trash contract to his largest campaign supporters would not want to be held accountable by the voters of the 72nd Assembly District.”

Long Pham had this to say about Edgar’s refusal to debate: “I am truly disappointed by Troy Edgar’s refusal to participate in a candidate debate. With California facing record deficits, a slowing economy and persistently high unemployment, the voters of the 72nd Assembly District deserve a chance to see the candidates vying to represent them in Sacramento participate in a debate on these important issues. “

11 Responses to “Press Release: Travis Allen and Long Pham Agree to Debate: Troy Edgar Refuses to Debate”

  1. Ray said

    Long Pham is a hypocrite, he has refused to debate Joe Dovinh according to press reports in the Little Siagon area press. Why should Edgar debate them anyway neither on is likely to advance to the general by anything I have read, let them have fun.

  2. Unaccountable said

    Interesting that one CRA Chapter who had endorsed Edgar is walking Districts for Allan Mansoor next weekend. Edgar’s refusal to debate is typical of the Democrat that he actually is.

    • bj said

      I disagree, Troy Edgar is the perfect republican, he is willing to spend a lot of his own money to buy the election. His is unwilling to debate for one simple reason, as soon as he opens his mouth, the voters will learn that he is not that intelligent.

      • OC Insider said

        Good point — one wonders where Edgar’s money is coming from. He claims to own two companies, one in IT consulting named Global Conductor and another that no one can find which is supposedly in underground construction. Global Conductor is nothing more than a recruiter with an impressive website and not much else.

        Why does Edgar want this ~$90k/pa job (with a big per diem), travel heavy job if he’s apparently successful enough to fund his own campaign? You’re right — he’s trying to buy it. He needs the money and seems willing to mortgage his family’s future to get it (is he on his second or third marriage?).

        • Bj said

          The second company is “Global Conductor Construction” (www.globalconductorconstruction.com), same address as Global Conductor (www.globalconductor.com).

  3. This seems to be much ado about nothing. Has any candidate ever lost for refusing to debate?

    Also, it’s rather late in the game to complain about the lack of debates with just 11 days left before the election (the press release was dated May 25, and the election is on June 5). This is a press release that probably should have gone out before May 5.

  4. John said

    Troy Edgar has it in the bag. He’ll be the top vote getter by far. The only campaign that exists is between Long Pham and Joe DoVinh for second place. Why would Troy waste his time on Pham or Allen.

  5. There are far better choices said

    Edgar’s going to have to debate his “top two” opponent before November, so there’s plenty of time to explore his support of an elevated maglev rail system that http://olda.org wanted to build through the heart of Orange County when he was their Vice Chairman (before his Los Al City Council exited the JPA against his wishes). It was a ridiculous notion, had no ridership estimates and would have cost more per mile than the equally ridiculous Bullet Train it would’ve competed with. Edgar also has to answer for his relationships with the Los Al trash haulers and his manipulation of their contracts. He should also be asked why the Lincoln Club wouldn’t endorse him.

  6. OC Insider said

    Check out this press release that explains Troy Edgar’s manipulation of a trasn contract in Los Alamitos. His preference for another vendor would have caused the city to lose $619k: http://ocpoliticsblog.com/troy-edgars-bungled-los-alamitos-trash-contract-in-the-news-again/#more-2832.

    So what was in it for Troy and his fellow City Council conspirators? How typical is this for amateur politicians — getting involved with the trash haulers — just like Tony Soprano.

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