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Working Together to Raise Our Taxes??

Posted by Thomas Gordon on May 29, 2012


Why would Northern California’s Charles Munger Jr spend more than 500K of his own money on a race more than 400 miles from home?

The signs pictured above are littered all over Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach and Newport Beach and appear to show Newport Beach Council Member Leslie Daigle and Bob Rush working together.

How so?

Not only were the signs printed at the same sign shop, but they were hung by the same political sign installer at the exact same time?

Coordinated effort?

Let us know if you are willing to send either to Sacramento and trust that they will hold the line on higher taxes.

16 Responses to “Working Together to Raise Our Taxes??”

  1. Ocpoliticsblog said

    Editors Note: This comment has been redacted due to it violating our rules on decorum.

    • For the record, I believe whichever of my fellow editors made this redaction overreacted. I saw the comment earlier in the day and did not feel it necessary to redact this comment. Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of the comment in order to restore it.

      • junior said

        With all due respect Chris, you have not had the experience with this person as many others have had. I did not see the comment, but knowing this person, you can take it to the bank that the comment was non-sensical and continued arguing with this person only gives him a platform to spout his idiocy. Besides, he is really just pimping his blog here.

        • There was no link to his blog, and I did see the comment. I believe in judging each comment on its individual merits, and I didn’t see a problem with the comment when I first saw it.

          • junior said

            The problem with this commentor Chris is that he has a track record. It is easy to see where he is going by his initial comments – and invariably he goes nowhere. He seeks to only berate those he does not like and to rant about crazy fringe s**t. The man is a lunatic. I should know, I was his campaign manager for his council race.

            • OC Politics Blog (@OCPoliticsBlog) said

              So now you resort to lies and libel? You were not my campaign manager, your pal SMS was. Ask her.

              You turned on me because I continued to stand up to Santa Ana’s racist Usual Suspects.

              For the record, the man who posts as “Junior” is Mike Tardif – the owner of a union metal working shop in Santa Ana. Don’t expect him to stand up to labor or to do anything about the public employee pension crisis.

              For Thomas Gordon, an asbestos inspector at LA Unified, to lie about Daigle and tax increases is pretty ironic as he is due to receive a massive public employee pension that we will all be stuck paying…

              • Thomas Gordon said


                Calm down. Nobody is libeling you or lying.

                For the record, where I work is really none of your business.

                Ive worked hard at my career and I strive to make safe, clean and healthy learning environments for children.

                Do you have a problem with Sal Tinajero teaching on the public dime and the pay, pension and benefits he gets?

                Or what about your wife Camille who works at OCTA? Do you wag a finger at her and complain about THOSE benefits and pay?

                For the record, if you happen to Rocco your way on to the BOE, god forbid, will you forgo all the benefitys and pension?

              • Dan Chmielewski said

                Excuse me, but how is a business owner — someone who signs the front of a paycheck, no the back of one, supposed to do anything about a public employee pension crisis? Mr. Tardiff is not an elected official. He provides jobs for residents of Santa Ana and pays these employees a good wage that allows them to feed their families, pay their bills and provide for their children’s future. Orange County needs more small businessmen like Mike Tardiff. And when you’re all caught up on paying your back taxes, then you can start using the words “we taxpayers.”

  2. junior said

    Just what we DON’T need is another Doris Allen type – put into office by Democrats to do their bidding.

  3. Daigle Rules! said

    Word is that Daigle is soo upset at the sign delivery company for putting her signs next to Rush’s that she’s threatening not to pay…

    • junior said

      You can’t fault the sign guy – he figured that if one entity is paying the bill for both that they would be BFFs.

  4. junior said

    HI SMS – Hope all is well with you and yours.


    • Hi Junior — I saw the SMS comment too and they are right. It is against Boy Scouts of America policy for any scout or scout leader to appear in any type of political ad, publication or website. Scouts may perform services in uniform at political rallies such as leading the Pledge of Alligiance, but if they stay for the rest of the event, they must remove their scout uniforms. Pedroza is violating Scout Law with the photo he has of him, his wife and their son in their Scout uniforms.

      • Dan Chmielewski said

        Looks like Pedroza changed the photo; guess the BSA saw the comment and let Pedroza know he violated the scouts rule. Honesty, truthworthiness are terms associated with Boy Scouts — not Art Pedroza.

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