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Third Supervisorial District: Todd Spitzer in the Mail

Posted by Chris Nguyen on May 3, 2012

Excluding the Anaheim TOT mail (which has nothing to do with the June election), I received my fourth mailer of the primary election cycle on Tuesday.  The first mailer was from Congressman Ed Royce’s campaign on April 4,  the second one was from Todd Spitzer’s campaign for the Third Supervisorial District on April 19, and the third one was another Royce piece on April 28.  This mailer is the second I’ve received from Spitzer’s campaign, and the fourth I’ve received from any campaign this cycle.  The piece describes Spitzer’s pension reform proposal.

The exterior portion of the piece on the address/postage side has Spitzer’s name along with his logo and web site – this basically has his name in huge type thrice as a way to reinforce name ID even among voters who won’t open/read the piece.  It also states that Spitzer is “The only candidate for Supervisor with a comprehensive plan to Reform Public Employee Pensions and Benefits…and the experience to carry it out!”  It also notes Spitzer’s “‘A’ Rating from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (Legislative Scorecard).”

The other side of the exterior portion has the headline “Taxpayers Support the Todd Spitzer Pension Reform Plan” and a quote from Reed Royalty regarding Spitzer’s endorsement by OCTaxPAC (Orange County Taxpayers Association PAC).  It also includes the Orange County Register logo along with a statement that “Spitzer’s Plan was Published” in the paper on April 6.  Spitzer’s name is mentioned thrice, reinforcing his name ID even among voters who won’t open/read the piece and who received the piece in the mail with the address/postage side face down.

The interior portion discusses “Todd Spitzer’s Comprehensive Plan to Reform Government Employee Pensions” with six points:

  1. “Private Sector Model”
  2. “Control Payroll Growth”
  3. “Treat New Hires Differently”
  4. “Freeze Pension Benefits”
  5. “Stop Pension Spiking”
  6. “Mandate Employee Contributions”

The interior also highlights Spitzer’s motto from his brochures: “Integrity.  Experience.  Results.”  It also repeats his endorsement by the Orange County Taxpayers Association.

The piece is 8.5″ x 11″ and becomes 17″ x 11″ when opened up.

Click on the picture to view a larger version.

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