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CD-39: Ed Royce in the Mail

Posted by Chris Nguyen on April 30, 2012

Excluding the Anaheim TOT mail (which has nothing to do with the June election), I received my third mailer of the primary election cycle on Saturday.  The first mailer was from Congressman Ed Royce’s campaign on April 4, and the second one was from Todd Spitzer’s campaign for the Third Supervisorial District on April 19.  This April 28 mailer is the second I’ve received from Royce’s campaign, and the third from any campaign this cycle.  The piece emphasizes economic themes.

The exterior portion of the piece on the address/postage side reads, “Rep. Ed Royce is Working to Grow Our Economy and Create Jobs!” along with Royce’s logo and web site – this basically has his name in huge type thrice as a way to reinforce name ID even among voters who won’t open/read the piece.  The other side of the exterior portion has various “Now Hiring” signs and a “Help Wanted” sign, along with “Rep. Ed Royce is working to see signs like this go up all over Southern California once again!”  Royce’s name is in large type and in a different color, again reinforcing his name ID even among voters who won’t open/read the piece and who received the piece in the mail with the address/postage side face down.

The interior portion discusses the “Royce Plan” to create more jobs.  There are four bullet points for the Royce Plan:

  • “Slash our skyrocketing national debt.”
  • “Increase domestic energy supply.”
  • “Lower fees on small and medium size businesses,”
  • “Cut Washington’s red tape.”

The interior also highlights a Baltimore Sun op-ed that praised legislation Royce introduced and also emphasizes, “Ed Royce knows that real economic growth has always and will always come from the private sector.”

Strangely, there’s a Twitter logo and a Facebook logo next to Royce’s web site address.  The Royce campaign is not the only one to do this.  The April 19 Spitzer mailer did this as well and also included a LinkedIn logo.  I’ve also seen other random pieces of non-political mail that do this too.  I understand why these logos are included in an email or on a web site because the viewer can click on those to be taken to the business/organization/campaign’s social media pages.  However, it doesn’t make sense on a paper mail piece.  Nobody can click on the logo on a paper mail piece.  These logos are needless clutter on the mail pieces.  The mailers should just send the voters to the candidate’s web site, where they can then click on the logos there to connect to the candidate’s social media pages.

The piece is 8.5″ x 11″ and becomes 17″ x 11″ when opened up.

Ed Royce Mailer

Click on the picture to view a larger version.

3 Responses to “CD-39: Ed Royce in the Mail”

  1. Greg Diamond said

    Why not increase the small business lending cap for credit unions to 350% of assets? OK, admittedly, there may be a good reason — but it’s the same reason that one cannot, without more information, decide whether 27.5% of assets makes more sense than 12.25%. Do credit unions even favor this? Or is it just for … well, campaign purposes? Who opposes it and why? I guess that’s not part of the narrative.

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