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AD-72: Edgar Builds Dominant Warchest, Larger Than All Opponents Combined – Even Without Using His Vast Personal Wealth

Posted by Chris Nguyen on March 27, 2012

Troy Edgar, Long Pham, Travis Allen, Joe Dovinh

Mayor Troy Edgar (R-Los Alamitos), OC Board of Education Member Long Pham (R-Fountain Valley), Businessman Travis Allen (R-Huntington Beach), and Planning Commissioner Joe Dovinh (D-Garden Grove)

In the 72nd Assembly District during the period ending March 17, Los Alamitos Mayor Troy Edgar has built the dominant warchest in AD-72.  I cannot find any way in which Edgar does not lead the pack.  No matter how you slice it and dice it, Edgar has the most money in AD-72.

Orange County Board of Education Member Long Pham, Huntington Beach Businessman Travis Allen, and Garden Grove Planning Commissioner Joe Dovinh (the sole Democrat other than the penniless Albert Ayala) are all well behind Edgar in every way you can calculate the campaign finance numbers.

During this period, Edgar raised $18,336.  His three opponents raised $18,611 combined, just $275 more than Edgar.

Edgar also transferred a whopping $84,399 from his Congressional campaign committee.

On top of that, Edgar made a direct contribution to his campaign of $15,025 – not a loan, but an outright contribution that he can never get refunded (FPPC regulations prohibit a candidate from ever refunding their own non-loan contributions to their own campaign committees).  This $15,025 is above the $100,000 loan Edgar made to his campaign (remember, the FPPC caps candidate loans at $100,000; anything above that can never be repaid to the candidate).

Edgar has $203,040 cash on hand (accounting for unpaid bills), which is $94,637 more cash on hand than all three of his opponents combined (accounting for unpaid bills).  If candidate loans were paid off, Edgar still has $103,040 cash on hand, as compared to the next largest warchest, which is Allen’s at $2,467, followed by Dovinh’s $402, and Pham’s debt of $45,466.

At this point, it is unclear if Edgar’s chief rival will be Allen or Pham.  Pham loaned his campaign $100,000, but unlike most candidates who use candidate loans to pad their campaign finance figures, he has actually spent a substantial portion of that loan.  Allen only loaned his campaign $50,000, and has not yet spent it yet.

By virtue of having “Democrat” after his name on the ballot, Dovinh will likely advance to November to face off against one of the Republican trio.

For visual learners:

Candidate Cash on Hand
Contributions Candidate
Other Income Transfers Candidate
Expenditures Cash on Hand
COH Minus
Unpaid Bills
COH Minus
Unpaid Bills
& Loans
Edgar (R) $0 $18,336 $15,025 $0 $84,399 $100,000 $4,000 $10,721 $207,040 $203,040 $103,040
Allen (R) $0 $8,505 $0 $0 $0 $50,000 $6,038 $0 $58,505 $52,467 $2,467
Pham (R) $90,485 $3,571 $0 $12 $0 $100,000 $5,920 $33,614 $60,454 $54,534 -$45,466
Dovinh (D) $3,420 $6,535 $0 $0 $0 $1,000 $317 $8,236 $1,719 $1,402 $402
Notes: Figures may be off by one dollar due to rounding.
Pham and Dovinh’s loans were made in the previous reporting period of 7/1/2011-12/31/2011.
Democrat Albert Ayala did not have a campaign committee, which means he raised less than $1,000, as reaching that threshold forces a candidate to form a campaign committee.

The Edgar warchest is dominant at this point in the fundraising game.  Unless his opponents start shelling out more of their own cash or achieve some sort of fundraising boom, they’re in serious trouble.  (Although if they start shelling out their own cash, the multimillionaire Edgar should be able to easily match that.)  The primary election is 10 weeks from today.

2 Responses to “AD-72: Edgar Builds Dominant Warchest, Larger Than All Opponents Combined – Even Without Using His Vast Personal Wealth”

  1. Return to Sender said

    Aside from the dismal Troy Edgar, lots of folks are wondering just who Travis Allen is. He was a no show at the CRA Endorsement soiree last weekend and could have prevented Edgar from receiving their endorsement by helping to split the vote. His website (http://travisallen2012.com/) is incomplete, and considering the funds (http://tinyurl.com/c5nl8ar) he’s reporting one would think his staff might be putting an effort into it and not showing a virtually blank page for the Issues he supports.

    He shows no endorsements on his website. Even though he’s been described by this Blog as a GOP activist, I question when anyone’s ever seen him at an event or a fundraiser. And he’s already made a serious gaff that was reported by the HB Independent (http://tinyurl.com/cucezpr) — this is his only serious mention in the mainstream press since the announcement of his candidacy.

    Travis Allen needs to get off his ass and get his campaign off the ground as the GOP establishment is already lined up and endorsing the ex-Democrat, carpetbagger Edgar. In AD72, many especially don’t care that Edgar has Ed Royce’s endorsement, and frankly his interference down here is resented. Royce also endorsed the three dinosaurs who are about to be recalled off the Fullerton City Council, and that speaks volumes of his judgment and loyalties.

    So, come on Allen, show your face and give us an alternative to the noxious Troy Edgar. We don’t need his juvenile Los Al politics here.

    • While most of your comments are opinion, I would like to know: what is your basis for calling Edgar a carpetbagger? I don’t think anyone has ever accused Edgar of carpetbagging.

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