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Republicans Will Have A Candidate In AD 69. Or Will They???

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on March 15, 2012

Despite being sick yesterday and having to cancel most of my meetings I was stuck going to the Orange County Registrar of Voters to assist a client with filing his paperwork. As many of our readers may already know, yesterday was the close of the filing period for races that went into extension. It turns out that we had another game of “Beat The Clock” on our hands.

Republican candidate for AD 69 Jose Moreno got in the door at 4:54 PM and told the person helping him file his paperwork that he only had 20 signatures and had an associate that was bringing more signatures.

Sure enough at just a few seconds before 4:58 PM Central Committee Member Tim Whitacre ran in the door with 22 more signatures. This however left them with just 42 signatures and this is before the validation process began.

After the doors were already locked it appears that Lupe Moreno arrived and I believe she had some more signatures in her hand but I cannot be certain.

Getting 40 out of 42 signatures proven to be valid is not an easy thing to do, so it is very possible that Moreno will not actually qualify for the ballot.

With no Republican in the race it would not be a bad thing for the party as it forces a lot of Democratic Party money to be squandered in this race (Kindee Durkee would be proud). If a Republican jumps in the Democrats will not spend anything leading up to November and will focus on supporting Quirk-Silva in AD 65 and possibly even Daigle in AD 74.

We should have an answer by later today.

8 Responses to “Republicans Will Have A Candidate In AD 69. Or Will They???”

  1. One Who Knows said

    Leave it to Tim Whitacre to screw everything up for the party.

  2. Allan Bartlett said

    How is not having a candidate for this race a good thing? That means no party building activities in that district and another signal that we don’t care about the hispanic ethnic vote.

    • Allan is correct. Pulling Hammond out of the 69th was a gift to Daly. I am told Janet Nguyen and Scott Baugh were behind this. Follow the trail to John Lewis…

    • I have to agree to disagree gentlemen. Although it makes sense in some ways to have a Republican on the ballot for outreach purposes, I still feel that a better strategy would have been to let the Dems bloody each other all the ay through November.

      With Moreno jumping in I will be supporting him for this seat and hope that he wins. My prediction (and Art I know that you will disagree with me on this) is that Daly and Moreno are a lock for November.

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