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Ugh OCEA Back In The Mail Again

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on March 15, 2012

I am getting sick of all the junk mail being sent to my mailbox this early in campaign season. OCEA has yet again put out a hit piece on Anaheim Councilmembers Harry Sidhu, Kris Murray, and Gail Eastman. Needless to say this is getting really old , really fast. Here is a copy of the mailer that arrived in my mailbox yesterday:

The strategy just simply does not make sense to me. They are obviously looking to win 2 seats in the November election with what appears to be the slate of John Leos and Jose Moreno (not the same one trying to run for Assembly.

I guarantee you that they will beat Sidhu who is not on the ballot due to term limits, but good luck beating Murray or Eastman when they won’t even be on the ballot until 2014

3 Responses to “Ugh OCEA Back In The Mail Again”

  1. Didn’t John leos file bankruptcy after his last election. Can’t believe ocea is baking this guy. Shirly griddle will sure be pissed since she didn’t agree about his campaign debt being wiped clean due to the bk.

  2. Cynthia Ward said

    That was a different John, who has since left town. While I am also sick of this stuff clogging my mailbox, I say let them at it. As usual OCEA is spending money foolishly, which depletes the funds they could spend wisely later. Also their mailings have the same effect on others, voters are sick of it already, and will completely tune out or turn against those being backed in this silly game come election time. Look at how their spending on Sidhu benefitted Nelson. They are shutting themselves in the foot.

  3. Who was the John that skipped town then. I thought that they r the same person.

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