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2-20-2012 Filing Update

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on February 20, 2012

Happy Presidents Day to everybody. Despite the Registrar of Voters being closed today, I thought we could take a look at who had filed for Republican Party Central Committee after the first week (incumbents have a *):

55th Assembly District (Hagman)

Brenda McCune
Tim Shaw
Robert Lauten

65th Assembly District (Norby)

Alex Burrola
Baron Night*
Greg Sebourn
Henry Charoen
Jerry Jackson*
Sou Moua
Pat Shuff*

68th Assembly District (Wagner)

Ken L. Williams Jr.
Noel Stone Parrish
Todd Spitzer*
Marcia Gilchrist*
Deborah Pauly*
Chris Emami (Yes, this is me)
Walter H. Myers III
Lynn Schott*
Nick Wilson
Denis Bilodeau*

69th Assembly District (Solorio)

Lupe Moreno*
Charles Hart
Thomas Anthony Gordon

72nd Assembly District (Silva)

Janet Nguyen*
John W. Briscoe
Mark McCurdy*
Dennis R. Catron
Brian Hoops
Matthew Harper*
Dean Grose*
Kermit Marsh*

73rd Assembly District (Harkey)

Dave Duringer
Mary Young*
Mike Munzing*
Alice Anderson*
Norm Dickinson*
Steve Magdziak
Chandra Chell*
Linda Barnes

74th Assembly District (Mansoor)

Emily Sanford
Allan Bartlett*
Christina Shea
John Draper*
Scott Baugh*
Greg Baker
Jon Aiken

I will try to do another update at the end of this week or early next week with another list of who has pulled papers.

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