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Plastic Bag Ban Considered by Two Cities

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on February 7, 2012

H/T OC Register on the consideration of a plastic bag ban by Dana Point and Laguna Beach. This is not a new story as many cities have already been in talks of passing such an ordinance in Orange County. This is not good news for local businesses in this city as it will be another unfunded mandate for these businesses passed by a government agency. It blows my mind how much time cities waste on such pointless ordinances that have such little impact on te day-to-day operations of city business.

Time could be much better spent on items such as fixing pot holes, cutting wasteful spending, or trying to decrease homelessness. Banning plastic bags which is intended to protect the environment will have a miniscule impact on the actual amount of pollution. Although some bad apples exist that do litter, I would argue that most people do throw away their trash or potentially reuse their plastic bags in a number of different ways.

Whether this ordinance passes or not people will still have a need for plastic bags and will likely go purchase hefty bags from Target and restart this entire cycle. That is until the cities that ban plastic bags in stores also decide to ban the sale of plastic bags as well.

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