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Donald Trump’s Endorsement is Worthless or Even Harmful, in Spite of Emami’s Love for Him

Posted by Chris Nguyen on February 17, 2012

Since Emami said that I “come across as an elitist” last Friday, I guess I’ll just have to point out the ludicrousness of his post praising billionaire Donald Trump’s endorsement of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.  Although he only implied it in that post, I will point out that in my conversations with him, Emami has confessed to being a Trump follower.

A Fox News poll found that 27% of voters would be less likely to vote for a Trump-endorsed candidate, and only 10% would be more likely to vote for a Trump-endorsed candidate (I can already see Emami chanting, “We are the 10%!”).  The remaning 63% are indifferent.

A Washington Post-Pew poll found that 26% of voters would be less likely to vote for a Trump-endorsed candidate, and only 8% would be more likely to vote for a Trump-endorsed candidate (Maybe Emami will chant, “We are the 8%!”).  The remaining 66% are indifferent.  Among Republicans, 20% would be less likely to vote for a Trump-endorsed candidate, and only 13% of Republicans would be more likely to vote for a Trump-endorsed candidate.  The remaining 67% are indifferent.

The less scientific Facebook/Politico poll found that the Trump endorsement had a negative effect on 41% of people and a positive effect on only 10% of people (I guess Emami can go back to chanting, “We are the 10%!”).  49% were indifferent.

Comparing the final results versus the polls in Minnesota, Colorado, and Missouri all showed a shift away from Romney and toward Santorum in the five days after Trump had endorsed Romney and before Republican voters cast their ballots in those states.

It is clear that Donald Trump’s endorsement was at best, worthless, or at worst, harmful, to Mitt Romney.

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Election Day Again: Fatigue is Starting to Set in

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on February 7, 2012

Is it just me or is anybody else starting to get sick of these Republican primaries? Today is yet another election day in Colorado and Minnesota.

Colorado- Romney looks like he is going to run away with this one and it should not come as a huge surprise. What does surprise me though is that Santorum appears to be running 2nd in the polls, with Gingrich and Paul about the same. 36 delegates are at stake in this election in a closed non-binding caucus.

Minnesota- Santorum and Romney are polling extremely close to each other for the lead, but Gingrich and Paul are not that far behind. This one will definitely be the most fun to watch in what could end up being a big night for Romney if he wins both. 40 delegates are at stake in this non-binding open caucus.

Stay tuned for a recap tonight of the results.

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Trump Pulls a Rope-a-Dope and Endorses Romney

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on February 2, 2012

For whatever reason all the speculation was the Donald Trump was planning on endorsing Newt Gingrich today, but as many of you already know that did not happen. This morning Trump came out and endorsed Mitt Romney on the heels of the Nevada and Maine election this Saturday. This forther builds on the recent momentum that Mitt Romney has experienced after a big win in the Florida Primary on Tuesday.

If Mitt wins both Nevada and Maine which I expect that he will on Saturday then you can pretty much stick a fork in Newt because he is done. Some of you might argue that Trump is not that big a deal because a lot of people hate him, but I counter with the fact that he has a strong following as well.

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Romney Blows Out Gingrich

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on January 31, 2012

The results were not even close in this one. I am not surprised by Romney winning but I am amazed by the margin of victory, as he is almost at 50% of the  overall vote. With this result I don’t know that it will be much longer for this primary to be contested. This was a big win with the number of delegates at stake and a huge momentum boost for the Romney campaign.

On to Nevada where I think that Romney will win again on Saturday.

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Florida Election Day

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on January 31, 2012

This is a big day for Republican politics with the Florida Primary taking place today. Mitt Romney looks like he has surged at the right time in the polls, but anything can happen. My thoughts are that whoever win this one will be the nominee as momentum will be a big deal along with the vast number of Florida delegates.

Both candidate s have their flaws but I personally have serious issues with Newt Gingrich and his infidelity. As a Republican I felt that Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal was shameful in his actions and was a disgrace to the Presidency, I will not take it any easier on Gingrich because he is a Republican.

In fairness Romney has his issues on certain policies but I see him as the best option in a very lousy group of candidates.

Check back in with us for a recap and analysis of the results tonight.

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