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Florida Election Day

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on January 31, 2012

This is a big day for Republican politics with the Florida Primary taking place today. Mitt Romney looks like he has surged at the right time in the polls, but anything can happen. My thoughts are that whoever win this one will be the nominee as momentum will be a big deal along with the vast number of Florida delegates.

Both candidate s have their flaws but I personally have serious issues with Newt Gingrich and his infidelity. As a Republican I felt that Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal was shameful in his actions and was a disgrace to the Presidency, I will not take it any easier on Gingrich because he is a Republican.

In fairness Romney has his issues on certain policies but I see him as the best option in a very lousy group of candidates.

Check back in with us for a recap and analysis of the results tonight.

3 Responses to “Florida Election Day”

  1. Connor Duckworth said

    100% agree on the infidelity. There is no ideal candidate, but I believe anyone running with the exception of Paul could defeat Obama. At least all of the cobwebs are being dusted off now, not giving Obama an upper edge.

    • Railsom said

      Just reemmber, as soon as the most Conservative Candidate goes ahead in the polls the MSM will run a hit piece on them. This is the O’s Chicago way TAKE THEM OUT.

  2. OC Insider said

    I’d support any strategy that would hound Chris Christie to get back in the race. Brokered convention?

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