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Are You Willing to Let Your Orange County Vote Be Bought by New York, Boston, and San Francisco?

Posted by Chris Nguyen on October 31, 2018

Cross posted to OC Daily:

Kathy Tavoularis

Kathy Tavoularis

OC Political presents an op-ed from former Republican Party of Orange County Executive Director Kathy Tavoularis, who directed and implemented the 2004 get-out-the-vote effort in Orange County, producing the highest vote margin of victory for George W. Bush of any county in the United States:

Bill Watterson said, “Selling out is usually a matter of buying in. Sell out, and you’re really buying into someone else’s system of values, rules and rewards.”

The question is: Can you really buy the third-most populous county in California, the sixth-most populous in the United States, and a county more populous than twenty-one U.S. states?

Orange County, for decades known as “America’s Most Republican County,” has seen an unprecedented amount of Democrat dollars spent to flip four traditionally Republican Congressional seats in order to take control of the House of Representatives. To be clear, the list of money to date includes, but is not limited to:

  • Over $10 million from the House Minority Leader, San Francisco liberal icon Nancy Pelosi
  • $5 million from liberal San Francisco environmentalist billionaire Tom Steyer
  • Nearly $10 million from the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee
  • Over $5 million from former New York Mayor and Democrat Presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg’s PAC

That is roughly $30 million from outside Orange County that is being spent to buy your vote – whether you are a Republican or a Democrat. Democrats can’t win in Orange County without Republican votes. The numbers aren’t there. So Orange County Republicans voters are being targeted with outside money with San Francisco, Boston and New York values to tell you your values are wrong, that the way you live is wrong, that government is best when it runs your life. So vote Democrat.

Do they not understand the history of Orange County? They do not because they are not from here. Since 1888 when we separated from Los Angeles County, Orange County, a.k.a. “the OC,” has prided itself on being a separate, unique destination. One where you can live comfortably, raise your children and send them to good, safe schools, drive to work and enjoy your weekend on the beach or at an amusement park.

Now, Tom Steyer, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren want Orange County all to themselves and they are promoting four Democrat Socialists to take over four Congressional districts. You have never heard of these candidates before because they have no history of service in Orange County. But with all that money being spent on them by Tom, Nancy, Bernie and Elizabeth they might soon control you and represent “their” values on your behalf in Congress.

The Democrats’ talking point, especially to Republicans, is: “Hey, it’s great you like Trump, but he needs a check and balance. Give the Democrats the House, and we will make sure he doesn’t do anything crazy.” But don’t be fooled:

  • In Congressional District 39, a vote for Democrat Gil Cisneros is not a vote against Republican Young Kim or Donald Trump – but a vote FOR San Francisco Liberal Senator Kamala Harris.
  • In Congressional District 45, a vote for Democrat Katie Porter is not a vote against Republican Congresswoman Mimi Walters or Donald Trump – but a vote FOR Massachusetts Socialist Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren, a mentor of Katie Porter. In fact, Ms. Porter’s campaign Treasurer is Alexander Warren, Senator Warren’s son. And Porter named her daughter after the Massachusetts Senator.
  • In Congressional District 48, a vote for Harley Rouda is not a vote against Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher or Donald Trump – but a vote FOR San Francisco Liberal Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and her quest to be Speaker.
  • In Congressional District 49, a vote for Mike Levin is not a vote against Diane Harkey or Donald Trump – but a vote FOR Vermont Socialist Democrat Senator Bernie Sanders.

So, I ask, can your vote, values and way of life be bought on November 6?

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NY Soda Ban Insanity

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on March 11, 2013

This is not an Orange County story as it originates in New York, but I felt compelled to chime in on the liberal insanity regarding the evils of soda. Let me first insert the disclaimer that I do not drink soda and as a hobby run a fitness review blog as well (shameless plug). Although I encourage people to not drink soda I believe that people can make that decision for themselves. I have tried to educate myself on the soda ban have feel that it is relevant today based on a judges decision to rule against the law.

The ban based on my reading would make it so that NY eating establishments could not sell sodas that come in a size of more than 16 ounces. This includes fast food places that have the soda fountains in them. The ban would not apply to supermarkets, convenience stores, and vending machines. Th most puzzling part on this proposed law is that it does not ban refills on 16 ounce drinks.

I find the definition of a sugary drink (the ban is technically on sugary drinks and not just soda). To be the most confusing. Certain drinks are exempt from being on the list of banned substances that are also unhealthy. If you own a bottle of fruit juice I dare you to look at what is actually in it. Although, I find this to be confusing as well and could be misinterpreting the law and fruit juices like cranberry would also be banned. Chime in down in the comment section if you have a definitive answer on this one.

Here is my favorite part, you would not be able to order 2 liter sodas with a pizza. I thought about this and realized that a major flaw existed with this part of the law. Last June I ordered the following from a local pizza place:

5 pizzas
3 bottles of soda (2 liters each)

What was I doing?

A) Being REALLY unhealthy thus proving that we should ban sodas and probably put a cap on the number of pizzas you can order.

B) Throwing an election night party with some friends and colleagues.

Earlier today a judge ruled against the sugary drink ban and decided that it was inconsistent in the way it applied to only certain beverages and also on the types of establishments that were included in the ban. Although, it would be fun to see speakeasies make a comeback.

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