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Breakfast with Obama

Posted by Walter Myers III on February 16, 2012

On this Thursday morning, Laura Dietz and her band of merry protesters will take to the streets to demonstrate against the policies of Obama, who will be attending a breakfast fundraiser in Corona del Mar at the incredibly low price of $35,800 per plate. For someone who routinely rails against the 1%, the man just can’t spend enough time with them. But I digress. According to an email Ms. Dietz has circulated that will print in Thursday’s Daily Pilot, the emphasis of the demonstration will be “on returning America to its roots of constitutional government vs. dictates to all aspects of our lives by the President and bureaucrats.” Ms. Dietz has had several signmaking parties at her Cameo Shores home in Corona del Mar, one of which I attended this past Sunday. I must say that I enjoyed meeting Ms. Dietz and the patriotic folks there making signs, but I do wonder what they believe they can accomplish at the demonstration. It’s crystal clear to me that Obama and his bots supporters will have no interest in hearing this message.

At best, I believe the demonstration is a feel good event for some local conservatives who strongly oppose Obama’s policies, a sentiment I share with them. At worst, however, the demonstrators will (not surprisingly) be portrayed by the media as right-wing nuts and, of course, the race card will be played. With the shear amount of signs that will wave on this occasion, at least one will be accused of having some racial connotation, which is national press we certainly don’t need. So I wish the demonstrators all the best, but I think their time would be better spent reaching out to the Democratic strongholds in Orange County with a positive message of conservatism, instead of giving such a loser as Obama the attention that he hardly deserves while appearing negative in the process. There is a world outside of Corona del Mar that is just waiting to hear their message.

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