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Breakfast with Obama

Posted by Walter Myers III on February 16, 2012

On this Thursday morning, Laura Dietz and her band of merry protesters will take to the streets to demonstrate against the policies of Obama, who will be attending a breakfast fundraiser in Corona del Mar at the incredibly low price of $35,800 per plate. For someone who routinely rails against the 1%, the man just can’t spend enough time with them. But I digress. According to an email Ms. Dietz has circulated that will print in Thursday’s Daily Pilot, the emphasis of the demonstration will be “on returning America to its roots of constitutional government vs. dictates to all aspects of our lives by the President and bureaucrats.” Ms. Dietz has had several signmaking parties at her Cameo Shores home in Corona del Mar, one of which I attended this past Sunday. I must say that I enjoyed meeting Ms. Dietz and the patriotic folks there making signs, but I do wonder what they believe they can accomplish at the demonstration. It’s crystal clear to me that Obama and his bots supporters will have no interest in hearing this message.

At best, I believe the demonstration is a feel good event for some local conservatives who strongly oppose Obama’s policies, a sentiment I share with them. At worst, however, the demonstrators will (not surprisingly) be portrayed by the media as right-wing nuts and, of course, the race card will be played. With the shear amount of signs that will wave on this occasion, at least one will be accused of having some racial connotation, which is national press we certainly don’t need. So I wish the demonstrators all the best, but I think their time would be better spent reaching out to the Democratic strongholds in Orange County with a positive message of conservatism, instead of giving such a loser as Obama the attention that he hardly deserves while appearing negative in the process. There is a world outside of Corona del Mar that is just waiting to hear their message.

4 Responses to “Breakfast with Obama”

  1. The notion that a “positive message of conservatism” will reasonate in Democratic strongholds has as much a chance of success as a “positive message of liberalism in conservative strongholds in Orange County? Taxes — federal, state and local — are at historic lows so the arguement taxes are too high is just a claim. Corporate tax rates are 12 percent — a 40 year low. The economy is rebounding. Unemployment in Irvine and Newport Beach are around 6 percent. Obama has cut taxes more than Bush did. The wars in the Middle East are winding down. Obama actually got Bin Laden; Jerry Brown took California’s structural deficit down from $26 billion to $9 billion. Your presidential options are a fake conservative who paid 13 percent in federal taxes while hoarding millions in offshore accounts; a serial adulterer who has significant ethtics problems, a right wing anti-gay icon, and crazy Uncle Ron who won’t win a single state. Depending on who is at the top of the ticket, you will have all you can do to hold on to the House

    • Laura Dietz said

      Dear Dan:

      I will defend your right to political free speech. While your comments reflect a tremendous amount
      of animousity, I wish you well as I presume a fellow American

  2. Laura Dietz said

    Hello Orange County and
    Fellow Americans….

    The purpose of the rally was multiple: to get the conservative base excited about doing something that actually
    would draw attention simply because the press goes where the President goes and the press is a creature of
    conflict to grab the public’s attention and increase their own profitabiity with advertisers. Why should protesting
    be anything less than “all-American. After all, our founders were protesting “taxation without representation”.
    Today we are protesting an administration that would rather ship guns to drug cartels than protect our borders,
    and that is just for starters.

    The other broader purpose was to get conservatives out there exercising their right to political free speech and realizing that
    in doing so they empower themselves and stimulate anxiety by the loyal opposition and to encourge Americans of all races, creeds,
    color, gender and religious persuasion to express their disenchantment with this Administration every time the President, predominantly
    at taxpayer expense, shows up in our communities.

    We have to be the modern patriots of this century, to preserve that which is great about this country . After all, don’t forget
    there are probably 5 billion people around the world who would jump at the chance to change places with us.

    Inaction is condoning what is going on. God bless those of you who participated, and yes, some of you didn’t want to
    counter the Pro-Obama “paid actors” that were brought in because you were afraid for your physical safety. I undestand
    but the irony is that those “paid actors” , one of whom was an illegal alien, interviewed by one of our Nation’s finest
    Marines from Newport Beach may see the light, if we keep up the battle for our Nation’s soul, when they vote in
    some 250 days.

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