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Feds Subpoena Central Basin Water District: Calderon Saga Continues

Posted by Allen Wilson on June 14, 2013

OC Political has penned three critical articles relative to the Calderon Saga:  Senator Ron Calderon Capitol Office Raid by FBI, Update on Calderon FBI Raid, and U.S Attorney subpoena’s Senator de Leon.

Today, The Sacramento Bee reports that the Feds has subpoena the Central Basin Municipal Water District the water agency based in the City of Commerce, which is coincidentally in the Senate district of State Senator Ron Calderon (D-Montebello).

Joseph Lagaspi, spokesman for the Water District says:

“I can’t comment on the particulars of it.  This is all brand new to us.”

Mr. Lagaspi goes on to stress the water district plans to:

“cooperate fully with the authorities.”

The Los Angeles Times has reported on allegations of cronyism with regards to the water district and the two brothers, Ron Calderon and Tom Calderon, wrote today about the subpoena that seeks:

“documents related to contracts awarded by the water district, invoices, purchase orders, voicemails and information related to how officials there accepted or rejected bids.”

It is interesting to note from the Los Angeles Times reports Senator Calderon and then-Assemblyman Charles Calderon has defended the Central Basin Water district through legislative efforts.  Furthermore Los Angeles Times reports, in 2009, Senator Calderon thwart an audit of the water agency books.

It appears that the Calderon saga keeps growing with no end in sight.

Though, as promised OC Political is continuing to monitor the story as it unfolds and will keep you updated.

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