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New President Wen

Posted by Brenda Higgins on September 12, 2018


The hippocratic oath originally included a pledge not to administer any abortifacient treatments to pregnant women.  How times have changed.

Today, abortion giant Planned Parenthood named physician, Leana Wen to be their new leader.  Her initial statements following the announcement today, signal that the abortion provider intends to step up their rhetoric that they provide ‘health care’ for women.

Planned Parenthood provides over 300,000 abortions each year, making them the single largest abortion provider in the United States.  Also interesting in the initial statement by and about Dr. Wen, is the substantial deviation from their traditonal approach and messaging. 

Cecil Richards, the former president of Planned Parenthood was political royalty, the daughter of popular Texas Governor Ann Richards, and well connected to all the deep pockets and the most elite of Washington DC and elsewhere.  Cecile, in her role as the face of the Pro-Choice movement was on every Sunday morning or other political pundit show, and used her platform to laud the importance of a woman’s right to chose.  At this time however, the environment has changed and a more sophisticated electorate as well as more shrewd and aggressive Pro-Life organizations, is prompting Planned Parenthood to modify their approach.

They chose a minority woman to be their new face, who is also a medical doctor, which helps them bolster claims of being a “health care” provider.  It is not clear if they will begin by actually providing screening for breast cancer, if they will provide STI testing at free or no cost or if they will  provide free pregnancy tests, obstetric care,  or ultra sounds for pregnant women.  These services now are either not offered at Planned Parenthood, or they are conditioned upon contracting for an abortion, or are only available at a significant cost.  There are no mammograms happening at Planned Parenthood, that has been established. 

It wil be interesting to see if they are working to make good on their promise of “health care” for women, or if they will continue being primarily a for profit business whose business is abortion.

Dr. Wen will officially join Planned Parenthood in November.  Up until this hiring she has been the Health Direcor of the city of Baltimore.  During the time the Dr. Wen has headed the Baltimore Health Department, she presided over the “B’more for Healthy Babies”, a concerted effort by the Baltimore Department of Health to reduce drastically high statistics of Infant Mortality in the city. 

Dr. Wen was successful in Baltimore, by cutting the infant mortality rate by 38% over five years by using data to assess at the risk women in the city.

Sad and strange.

After years of working hard to save the lives of babies of at risk in minority and poor women, Dr. Wen will now be spearheading the organization that has targeted that at-risk and monority popultion, an organiztion whose founder (Margaret Sanger) embraced eugenics through abortion as a form of population control in minority communties.  

Similarly sad and strange, Dr. Wen, a chinese immigrant, was brought to the U.S. by her parents when she was 8 years old.  China’s forced abortion, one-child policy has resulted in the extermination of nearly a half million Chinese, most of them women.  Fortunately for Dr. Wen, in the U.S. she actually does have a choice, unlike Chinese women and their female babies.

Already, Dr Wen, has couched her view of the work of Planned Parenthood as one of compassion toward women.  Truly compassionate care toward women would address the needs of the whole woman, of her baby, of her ongoing health.  As they continue to distribute abortion pills without follow up or medical supervision, as they begin the process of distributing abortion pills on college campuses without doctors or medical follow up, it is disingenuous and illogical to portray the organization as being concerned about the well being of women.  

It is a new day, of amped up rhetoric and increased deception.  Planned Parenthood is an abortion business, it is not clear yet if the hiring of Dr. Wen is to increase the health care posturing, or if they really will begin offering services consistent with their claims.  There are many, and the numbers are growing every day,  women’s health care clinics that actually do provide health care for women. If Dr. Wen was concerned about women’s health, and serving minority and poor women who are at-risk, she would be partnering with those life affirming pregnancy medical centers.  The most at-risk and under-represented women in America, are the ones who are still residing in their mothers wombs. 

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Completed 2012 Campaign Finance Report

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on May 5, 2014

After a bit of a delay the completed 2012 Orange County Campaign Finance Database is now here for our readers. Click the below link to view the report and a new page will be added to the top of the website providing our readers easy access to the information.

2012 Local Campaign Finance Report

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55th AD Watch: Chang Self-Funds $100K

Posted by Allen Wilson on July 14, 2013

OC Political has learned that GOP Assembly Candidate Ling-Ling Chang has dumped $100K for her Assembly campaign.

We can’t determine if the donation was a contribution or a loan, but it appears to be a contribution rather a loan.

Though, we will have to wait for the campaign finance reports that should be posted online by the end of the month.

We reported that Chang had her first campaign fundraiser on May 31st in Rowland Heights and her only reportable donation since then was $4,100 was an individual of Portland, Oregon.

However, the $100K donation is a pretty hefty sum for a 30-something candidate running for State Assembly.

Late and $5000+ Contributions Received 
$70,000.00 AMENDMENT #1 6/30/2013 7/11/2013 1773465-INC219
$30,000.00 AMENDMENT #1 6/30/2013 7/11/2013 1773465-INC217

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Santa Ana City Council Campaign Contribution Law

Posted by Charles Hart on May 6, 2012

Tonight the Santa Ana City Council is going to, more than likely, vote to remove a restriction on campaign contributions and loans and the effect they play on how our Councilmembers vote.

 California Government Code and the Political Reform Act, along with Santa Ana Charter, require that elected officials abstain from voting on any matter where the official received a campaign contribution of more than $250 in the 12 months immediately preceding a vote. In November 1996, Ordinance NS 2034 was adopted by the City Council which imposed an additional restriction prohibiting a Councilmember from soliciting or accepting campaign contributions or loans of more than $250 for a period of three months following a vote.

 The current sitting Santa Ana City Council has been plagued with controversy over Councilmembers voting on matters for which they have  received campaign contributions. Back in 2010, Councilmembers Sal Tinajero and Michele Martinez received several thousand dollars in campaign contributions from companies with a financial stake in a land project called the Station District. Without their votes the council did not have the votes to approve the project.  The contributions came both before and after the vote.

 This was in direct violation of the state and city laws discussed above, and when exposed, the Councilmembers returned the contributions, but the vote had already been cast. The legally correct thing to do would have been to undue the vote and sanction or fine the Councilmembers that illegally voted, but our City Council claimed it was too late to undue the contractual commitments made. A contract illegally entered into is void, and that is what should have occurred, but our Council once again failed to do the right thing. 

 Tonight our City Council is going to try and make things right by simply making the law that makes what they do illegal, go away. So if we stop saying that robbery is illegal then it’s okay for us to rob and be robbed – right? 

 Wrong!  A rose by any other name is still a rose; and the practice of putting your vote out for sale is wrong.  Santa Ana City Councilmembers are very arrogant in the positions of authority that they have been elected to and have repeatedly said “Hey, if you don’t like it – vote me out.” Well, I agree with that statement and I urge the Santa Ana Voters to do just that this November.

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