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Arrogancy of Legislative Leaders

Posted by Allen Wilson on July 1, 2013

The San Jose Mercury News article “Steinberg reportedly rebukes Yee over public records stance” asks the question:  Did Senate Democrats leaders did a private dress down of Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) for speaking in opposition to the proposed water down of the California Public Records Act?

Senate President Darrell Steinberg says he didn’t dress down Yee.

Senator Yee will not discuss.

The article explains two credible capitol sources says Steinberg was not pleased with Senator Yee speaking with the San Jose Mercury News about the topic.

The article goes on to explain that Democratic leaders felt Yee had hung them out dry in public.

The very telling quote from one of the capitol sources says, “God forbid you vote your conscience, and then tell people why.”

There are credible tales of legislative leaders on both sides of the aisle who use bully tactics on certain members of their own caucus who dare to speak their own mind despite the fact that every Senator and Assemblymember are elected by the people from their respective districts.

The unwritten rule in Sacramento that legislators have no right to “embarrass leader(s) of their own respective caucus”.

The horror!

As we approach the 237th Birthday of our Republic should serve as a reminder why the founders told King George III to fly a kite and the days of going to his court to kiss his ring for his blessings are over.

If every member votes with their own conscience without being excoriated by the Sacramento aristocrats, then perhaps Sacramento would be a civilized place and that every voice is heard as envisioned by our Founders.

We can only hope and pray that arrogance by legislative leaders would be the thing of the past.

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