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Athletes as “Heros?” Not to Me.

Posted by Craig P Alexander on September 8, 2018

I like some sports like baseball. However I have never been able to like or agree with the idea that sports athletes are “heros” – they are well paid and deserve their private sector salaries. However they do not fit the definition of hero. To me heros are members of the U.S. Military, police, fire fighters, etc. who put their lives on the line for us everyday.

So when I read about the Nike campaign using a washed up former football player with the statement: “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything. Just Do It!” I automatically think of people like the men who stormed Normandy Beach in France decades ago to free Europe from the Nazi grip and ultimately end WWII. Many of them are still there in cemeteries proving their commitment to freedom. Some came home injured and/or carried the horrible memories of death and destruction for the rest of their lives so we can live with liberty and freedom. Sports players just don’t even come close to their sacrifices. So I will respect an athletes’ accomplishments but I will never call them heros for playing their chosen sport.  

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Craig P. Alexander is an attorney in Dana Point, California.  He practices law in the areas of the California Public Records Act, HOA law, Office and Commercial Leasing, Insurance Coverage and Business Contracts.


4 Responses to “Athletes as “Heros?” Not to Me.”

  1. prkrlngbo2@aol.com said

    A few ideas you may want to entertain. First off….Thanking us Veterans for our Service…….in not meaningful. Our dead and dearly departed are certainly those that we need to Thank for their Service. For the many millions over the years that have spent their lives maimed and disabled from War wounds….those too …..we should thank for their service. Not every high priced athlete is a “Sports Hero” anymore than every movie star that ever stood in front of the camera is an “Award Winning Actor”. There are however, many great Movie Stars and High Priced Athlete Sports Heroes. Terry Bradshaw comes to mind for example. In half of the great games he played in…….he was hit and wounded enough times – sometimes three or four or more times per game when he had to come back in to win the game. He exhibited “Sacrifice”. Athletes that exhibit “Sacrifice in the face of adversity”, like so many soldiers, sallors and Marines may be considered indeed Heroes! John McCain is a hero, because of what he endured and the comeback he had to make. John Glenn and other Astronauts that took their lives in their hands with trust in untested machinery are also heroes. Those that race on the Salt Flats of Utah and exceed world record speeds with untested equipment indeed may be considered heroes. In the course of human endeavor Scientists, Chemists, Researchers and others are all heroes that provide cures for disease and offer their lives to do so. Great heroes. At any rate, since most NFL Players average somewhere between three and four and a half years in most professional careers……their lifelong health concerns and ailments “exhibit great sacrifcie”, no matter what they are paid. So, we leave you with this simple question: In the Little League World Series, if you son hits the walk off home run to win the title……is he a hero? rw  

  2. RHackett said

    I know dozens of veterans who support Kaepernick’s actions. Which he has made clear is not about the military.

    • Craig P Alexander said

      Well Mr. Hackett – your entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine. I’ll stick with those I identified as “heros” and leave out well paid athletes.

  3. Desare Ferraro said

    Well said, Craig.

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