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The Reality of the Record

Posted by Brenda Higgins on June 2, 2018

Both Travis Allen and John Cox are running for California Governor, as Republicans, and on a Pro- life platform.  Pro Life Voters who support John Cox have declared that Travis Allen is “Not so” Pro-Life.  They have cited legislation in which Travis Allen took no position, as being dispositive of their content that he is not “Pro-Life”, but provide no real analysis of the legislation at issue.

I provided a detailed analysis of SB743, here.  I analyzed that one bill, because the California Pro Life Council, cited it exclusively, and repeatedly on their facebook page.  There are multiple other bills that are cited as being dispositive of the position that Travis Allen is “Not so” pro-life, and they are as follows.

Notworthy at the outset of this analysis, is that 41 votes are needed to pass legislations out of the Assembly.  Travis Allen abstained, meaning, did not vote, on ANY of these Pro-Abortion bills.

AB154 Allows Nurses to perform Surgical abortions.  49 votes in favor.

SB743 Allows Medical Patients to choose their care provider. 55 votes in favor. (Discussed at length in my prior article)

AB569 Code of Conduct for Employment may not include prohibiting abortion. 55 votes in favor.

AB569 Building Codes for Abortion Clinics. 50 Votes in favor.

The Anti-Travis Allen people have also cited these bills, in which he also had NO vote.

AB105 Gender Neutral words in codes, changing the words from Husband/ Wife, to Spouse.  63 votes in favor.

In 2016, Travis Allen received an approval rating from Planned Parenthood, of 67%.  In that year, Travis Allen voted with 62 other State Assembly members, to end the California tax on Feminine Products, Tampons and Maxi Pads.  The governor vetoed that bill when it got to him.

Travis Allen has been in the Legislature since 2013, and has not voted for Planned Parenthood to receive funding, has not voted in favor of abortion, has not voted in favor of any law expanding abortion or funding of abortion.

John Cox has never held public office, in spite of running a half dozen times.  He has admitted that he voted for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for President in 2016.  This is Gary Johnson’s position on Abortion.

Both men have stated that they are “Pro-Life”, yet John Cox’ representation has been accepted out of hand, and the real record of Travis Allen has been rejected.   The Pro-Life Lobby is just one segment, but the lack of clarity or rational justification for these endorsements deserves some scrutiny and attention.

I am a pro-life activist, and I will be voting for Travis Allen.


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