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Freedom Foundation Hires Sam Han as California Director

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on January 27, 2017

As initially reported by our media partner OC Daily, the press release below came over the wire earlier this week from the Freedom Foundation announcing their hiring of Sam Han, who recently finished a term on the Fullerton Planning Commission and who was also formerly District Director to Assemblyman Don Wagner (until Wagner termed out of the Legislature and became Mayor of Irvine)…

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. – The Freedom Foundation announced today that Sam Han has joined its leadership team to guide the organization’s latest expansion to California.

Han will serve as California director, ensuring local and state governments are accountable to the voters rather than public-sector unions. Specifically, he will work to free government employees from union tyranny and provide guidance to legislators and citizens on ways to combat union influence.

“We’re pleased that Sam decided to join our team. He has the skills necessary to quickly advance our mission in California,” said Tom McCabe, Freedom Foundation CEO.

As a California native, Han has been involved in local, state and federal races and previously worked for the California State Legislature as a district director.

He is a graduate of UC San Diego and holds a business certificate from the Harvard Business School.

The Freedom Foundation is a 501c(3) nonprofit think and action tank with offices in Washington, Oregon and California.

Founded in 1991 by Bob Williams and Lynn Harsh as the Evergreen Freedom Foundation, the Oregon today is a national leader in winning the fight for freedom at the state and local level.
The Freedom Foundation is working to reverse the stranglehold public-sector unions have on government. There is no path to expanded freedom, opportunity or prosperity until collective bargaining is transparent, government employees have a choice to join an employee’s union or not, and taxpayer’s money is prohibited from being unwillingly used to influence the political system. The Freedom Foundation has the will and skill to take on those who attack freedom.

One Response to “Freedom Foundation Hires Sam Han as California Director”

  1. Barbara Murphy said

    I wonder how many of you at the Freedome Foundation have actually worked as a “babysitter” for a severely disabled child or adult child. Your agenda is so offensive and discriminatory I can’t even find words for it – and I used to teach Language Arts before having to devote myself full time to my daughter Carrie’s extreme needs. The union that fights on behalf of IHSS “babysitters” is the only thing that has allowed me to keep her at home, rather than resort to placement in Florida – the only place in the US that would accept her – at the cost (in 2002) of $55,000 a MONTH. Yes, you read that correctly. The union is also the only reason I have private medical insurance (to address the injuries I’ve sustained “babysitting” for an adult sized two year old who, even at age six, was strong enough to require six sheriff’s deputies to help get her home from the beach when she didn’t want to leave. I LOVE my daughter – more than you can possibly imagine, regardless of the challenges of “babysitting” her; which I’ve done on my own, along with three other children because their firefighter father was too busy playing volleyball and going fishing in Mexico. He is now living quite comfortably on his extremely generous state pension. And, by the way, THAT union is the only reason Tim wasn’t successful in terminating Carrie’s medical coverage (not even caring not a single Medi-Cal pcp would even take her, much less refer her to the neurologist, neurosurgeon, and cardiologist she needed. Those union members also spent money out of their own pockets to cover a $2500 medical cost insurance wouldn’t cover and buy her a Special Needs Babyjogger so I could get her out of the house, as well as maintain the strength I needed to “babysit” her.
    We caregivers have been down this road before, along side streets like cutting hours or rates, or abolishing the whole IHSS system, saying it’s a family obligation. How many of you would be able or willing to leave your Well compensated jobs to care full time for a child/parent/sibling or other needy elderly or disabled person? In what universe is your agenda helping the cause of freedom or benefiting California taxpayers? Do you inform those taxpayers of the millions – actually, tens of millions – of dollars it would cost them if all of those dependant people were put in supported living or placed institutions – most of which would have to be out of state because most of California’s have had to be closed due to the astronomical cost of bringing them up to modern building codes and standards? Nothing is free and, as I’ve learned the hard way as a special needs parent, NO ONE who doesn’t have a close tie to a disabled friend or relative knows or CARES about them. The elderly and disabled are invisible populations – and those who care for them are disparaged and maligned as well as invisible. Not one member of your so-called Freedom Foundation would last one hour “babysitting” my daughter. How DARE you ridicule the incredible amount of responsibility and sacrifice IHSS providers take on for a pittance of what people like you are paid to undermine efforts to give us the recognition and respect we deserve?
    Please excuse any inadvertent typos or misspellings in this message. No time to proofread, as my daughter is having small seizures that will likely lead to a status episode and I need to give her my undivided attention.

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