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Fiscal Responsibility and the Republican Brand

Posted by Brenda Higgins on November 1, 2016

Recently, during an Orange County Central Committee meeting, the depletion of the Republican brand was emotionally decried by a board member opposing the endorsement of some PYLUSD School Board members.

The School Board challenger candidates,  Khan, Yezbak and Kingsbury, are running for the open seats currently held by Padget, Carmona and Downey.  They were seeking the endorsement of the OCGOP. At that September meeting of the OCGOP Central Committee, they were accused of supporting a recall effort against either some Yorba Linda City Council candidates or the current water board recall.  During the questioning, it was not entirely clear, nor was it established that they undertook some actual support of the recalls, it was simply vociferously and strenuously asserted and accused.  These candidates, all of them registered Republicans, have since withdrawn their request to be endorsed by the OCGOP.

The incumbents (Padget, Carmona and Downy) were elected, seated members of the PYLUSD school board when the bond expenditures were approved that funded multiple school improvements as well as the Performing Arts Center at El Dorado High School, and the Shappell Stadium at Yorba Linda High School.  At the OCGOP meeting in September, no mention was made of these usurious bonds.  None, not once was it raised.

All beautiful and seemingly worthwhile expenditures, new buildings, building improvements and technology, except that they weren’t. The initial cost of these improvements was about $22 million. In their infinite wisdom, these sitting school board members financed the improvements with bonds that had interest rates of about 23%. Once these buildings and the technology upgrades are all paid off, the overall cost to the citizens of Placentia and Yorba Linda will be well over $300 million.

$300 million, for $22 million in improvements. About 40 years to pay it all off. Fiscally responsible?

I wrote about these things in 2015, and apparently none of the GOP in Orange County were paying attention, because they seemed fully and completely unaware of it at their meeting in September.


The Central Committee member who was so offended by these school board challengers seeking an endorsement is also an elected official in Yorba Linda.  She railed against these challengers and accused them of damaging the Republican brand. There has been an ugly groundswell in Yorba Linda of using recall efforts to oust unruly politicians, the merit of them certainly debatable, but it was not established nor even asserted that these candidates had anything to do with the recent council or water board recall efforts. It was simply a question, viscerally and emotionally posited, and as such, suggested they had or might have signed the recall petitions.  They stated, repeatedly, that they did not recall.  It was not an evidentiary hearing, it was an informal question and answer period.  It seemed like an inquisition.

Personal vendettas have no place in local elections, and should not be part of the Republican brand. The pontification about branding of the party in that OCGOP meeting, never at any time, mentioned the serious fiscal issues of the PYLUSD board, or any real issues for that matter, only emoting about elections past and perceived alignments within the city.

Noteworthy, was the attendance at that meeting, by Eric Padget, Incumbent PYLUSD board member and registered Republican. His colleagues on the board who are also up for re-election, are not Republicans.
The OCGOP, on that evening, voted NOT to endorse the challengers, Khan, Calderon and Kingsbury. Neither Eric Padgett, nor his non-Republican cohorts, sought the timely endorsement of the OCGOP.  It was rumored that Mr. Padgett is not a regular at those Central Committee meetings and was probably there at the behest of the Yorba Linda City Council members who are also members of the Central Committee.

What then, is this “BRAND” that is so worthy of protection? If the Central Committee will sit idly by and do nothing in the face of such obvious and usurious abuse by sitting board members, that in and of itself is an “endorsement”.  40 year financing at 23 %, can not be argued in any context to be fiscally responsible.  That is without even getting to the discussion of the abomination that is Common Core, and the federal usurping of our local education system.

Conservatism, used to mean, fiscal responsibility as well as adhering to a concept of local control. No reasonable minds believe that financing technology and building improvements at 23% interest, while the budget and taxpayers are strapped with this debt for the next few generations, is “fiscal responsibility”.

If by protecting the “brand” the committee members meant that they publicizing their ability to exact vengeance upon people who might have disagreed with them in elections past, then, by all means, that “brand” was communicated and is now understood. It is not who we used to be, or historically have bene as Republicans, that is Clinton-cartel style politics.
Let’s hope it does not proliferate in our party and our county.
Here is the story as it was carried by the OC Register when the financial abuse in the PYLUSD was first widely exposed. http://www.ocregister.com/articles/bonds-496091-school-bank.html

4 Responses to “Fiscal Responsibility and the Republican Brand”

  1. David L. Boyd said

    According to the OC Register the interest rate on the bonds was as high as 7.8 percent, not 23%. Nevertheless, I agree that this was a bad deal for the district and the trustees who supported that deal should be held accountable.


    The problem with Ms. Khan is her desire to destroy public education. She home schools her children and supports suing the Federal government over Common Core. This would be a complete waste of taxpayer dollars. Further her homophobic comments at County Board meetings are not in line with the community at large.

    • In looking at that OCR article again, David, it appears they did cite 7.8 percent. The 23 figure came form my memory of researching this in about 2013. The OCR article states it was originally published in 2013

      • and modified in 2015. I am not certain if that figure was changed in the edits. I do see that in the analysis, the repayment is $9 to every $1 of the principal. That, still sounds usurious to me. It does appear to be the same OCR article I have cited above. Let me know if you believe it is a different one so that I can compare them. The interesting thing to me, is in re-reading that article today, it confirms that not one penny of that money can go to paying teachers. What a tragedy, that so much money was NOT spent on any actual education. We as taxpayers and citizens, ought to be outraged. Ms. Kahn,is a taxpayer, outraged and paying for schools, regardless of the education she has chosen for her own children. Likewise, many school board members do not, and have not, had children in PYLUSD schools. It is our money, and each and every taxpayer, regardless of whom and how they parent, has a say in how our money is being uilized.

    • The effective rate was 23%, over the life of the loan, nearly 40 years in repayment.

      Additionally, David, while I was present at the OCGOP meeting referenced in the post above, I was not present at the school board meeting you reference, indicating Ms. Khan made “homophobic” remarks. I have met Ms. Khan and discussed her positions at some length. I did not have affixing that she was homophobic, however, she did discuss some legitimate concerns about the current curriculum coming pursuant to common core. This is an important election, particularly in these not widely covered races. I’d encourage you to do some more research on her, as I will as well.

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