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Anti-Choice Teachers Unions Want to Take Control of the OC Board of Education

Posted by Craig P. Alexander on April 27, 2016

Everyone agrees that education for our children is a critical pathway for those children to grow into adults who are ready to earn a living and become responsible members of our society. Unfortunately labor unions including teachers unions have a different focus – to benefit their union bank accounts with your tax dollars more than the quality and success of students in those schools.  Often to balance a school district’s books the union elected Board of Trustees will give raises to District employees and increase class sizes (with layoffs of younger teachers with less seniority).  How does this help children in these schools?  Not at all.  In fact classroom overcrowding and teachers kept due to seniority instead of quality and student progress is detrimental to their education.

Let me pause and say there are many great teachers in the public school system.  It is not their actions that are the problem.  It is their unions who want to hold onto power who are the problem.

Many parents choose to send their children to private schools or choose to homeschool their children to assure that they are doing everything they can to provide a quality education for their child. But there is another route parents can take: public charter schools.  The success of public charter schools is beyond refutation. The fact is that public charter schools, with the freedom to not unionize their staffs and focus on children’s academic progress rather than just seniority in teacher evaluations, have resulted in long waiting lists for children to gain entrance into good public charter schools.  What is the response to this by government employee unions?  To block public charter school applications at every turn.  First via the Board of Trustees at the local level.  Then with a rubber stamp Orange County Board of Education that denied charter school application appeals routinely. That changed two years ago when Linda Lindholm joined Trustees Robert Hammond and Ken Williams to form a pro public charter school majority.  Since then charter schools that formerly were routinely denied appeals have had their appeals granted and more charter schools opened to the benefit of children, parents, teachers who work there and ultimately all of us as these children graduate with a quality education.

This June 7th voters in Orange County will have an opportunity to re-elect Trustees Hammond and Williams to keep that pro-charter school majority in place.  The teacher unions are running Tustin Councilmember Rebecca Gomez and Irvine School Board member Michael Parham against Hammond and Williams to replace the current majority with a board majority that will bring the OC Board back to the days when charter school application appeals are routinely denied no matter the quality and demand by parents for a viable alternative to sometimes failing public schools their children are enrolled in.

Former State Senator Gloria Romero has an excellent opinion article in the Orange County Register (Teachers unions trying to take back O.C. board). Follow the link to her article where she has set forth how this is a deceptive campaign by the unions to smear Trustee Hammond and Williams to place their handpicked Trustees on the board.

Here is a part of her article:

“The name “Teachers for Local Control” undoubtedly was poll tested and determined to be a resonant mantra with Orange County voters.     What backers probably won’t reveal is that Teachers for Local Control is a chameleon group for the Santa Ana Educators Association, a local affiliate of the powerful Sacramento-based California Teachers Association, which has fought virtually every public education reform and law granting parental school choice in California.

In fact, the legal phone number for Teachers for Local Control provided to the California Secretary of State’s Office is the same number as for the Santa Ana teachers union office.


Teacher unions what to give parents less choice in the education of their children by opposing public charter schools. Trustees Hammond and Williams want to preserve choice and excellence in education.   Voters will have an important choice regarding education in Orange County on June 7th.

Re-elect Robert Hammond and Dr. Ken Williams to the Orange County Board of Education.

For more about former Marine Robert Hammond go to: http://www.robertforocbe.com/

For more about Dr. Ken Williams go to: http://www.williamsforocbe.com/

For more about public charter schools in general go to: http://www.ccsaadvocates.org/ and Parents Advocate League.



5 Responses to “Anti-Choice Teachers Unions Want to Take Control of the OC Board of Education”

  1. Well that is not biased reporting at all!

  2. The reality is that if you leave your child in the public education system (especially in CUSD) you children will be at a disadvantage to compete with their peers in the rest of the country. The bottom line is that to enter into any four year selective university you child needs to completer Algebra I Geometry and Algebra II with a minimum of a C (they need that to enter into the military as well) If your child does not do that they are limited to community college. That is why (because so many of our children are not receiving even a MINIMUM EDUCATION they wat to now have tax payer pay for 2 free years of community college. The kids that get stuck in community college for 4- 6 years will never be as successful as kids that actually reach their academic potential in High school and then progress onto a 4-year college and move on. The Bottom line is that kids who do not prepare them selves for a four year selective university or the military are forever behind their peers.

  3. […] Anti-Choice Teachers Unions Want to Take Control of the OC Board of Education […]

  4. […] a follow up to my post of last week (Anti-Choice Teachers Unions Want to Take Control of O.C. Board of Education), former State Senator Gloria Romero has penned another excellent op-ed piece in the O.C. Register. […]

  5. Hal Williams said

    The election of Board of Trustees for the Orange County Department of Education is an important decision for voters in Orange County on June 7th. One candidate, Rebecca “Beckie” Gomez, would be a bad choice for several reasons. Ms. Gomez is backed by various teachers’ unions and political groups that are opposed to charter schools and school choice for parents. Yet, Ms. Gomez made a decision for one her children to attend a private, independent school in Newport Beach, rather than attend her neighborhood high school in Tustin. I am not opposed to her family’s educational choice. What I am opposed to is her platform and position on local control of schools. It is rather hypocritical for her to oppose the decisions that parents want in many communities in Orange County, that of school choice. She made that choice for her family. Would she now stop that choice for families across Orange County as a member of the OCDE Board of Trustees! Also, I find it alarming that Ms. Gomez, as an Orange County Board of Trustees candidate would celebrate the opening of a vaping business during her tenure as a Tustin City Council member in 2013. She touts her experience as a healthcare administrator with a degree in public health. Researchers estimate that a significant percentage of high school students who have tried e-cigarettes are using them to vaporize cannabis. E-cigarettes and vaping is a particular concern for school officials, nurses, and parents. The OCDE has for several years provided educational assistance for student, parents, and school officials about the dangers of e-cigarettes and vaping. I don’t know of one school district in Orange County that would support e-cigarettes or vaping. Was Ms. Gomez’s decision to attend a ribbon cutting for a vape shop a good choice! Making good choices is paramount to the success of our Orange County Board of Education. Voting for Rebecca “Beckie” Gomez is a bad choice.

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