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Where Have All the OC Democrats Gone?

Posted by Chris Nguyen on March 3, 2016

Have the Democrats surrendered huge swaths of Orange County to the Republicans?  Are Orange County Democrats in such poor shape that they can’t afford to pay $1,001.13 filing fees?

With eight days left in candidate filing, it appears the Democrats have abandoned the 37th Senate District, the 68th Assembly District, and the 73rd Assembly District. The Democrats also appear to be on the verge of failing to have someone make the top two to get to November in the 45th Congressional District and 48th Congressional District.  There are also only 35 Democrats running for 42 directly-elected spots on their Central Committee.  There are 82 Republicans running for 42 directly-elected spots on the Republican Central Committee.  Let’s also not forget each party’s top vote-getter for Congress, Senate, and Assembly get ex officio spots for their respective Central Committee.

Democrats have bragged of closing the registration gap with Republicans, even overtaking Republican registration in five cities: Santa Ana, Anaheim, Garden Grove, La Habra, and as reported in the Orange County Register last month: Irvine.

Closing the registration gap or having a plurality in a city is all well and good, except the hilarious thing is the 143,487 Democrats in the 37th Senate District, the 67,657 Democrats in the 68th Assembly District, and the 68,202 Democrats in the 73rd Assembly District will have to vote for a Republican.

Perhaps, the Democrats just can’t afford to pay the $1,001.13 filing fee for candidates for the State Legislature.

In 2015, the Democratic Party of Orange County raised $66,193 in 2015 while the Republican Party of Orange County raised $248,989.  The Democratic Foundation of Orange County raised $26,635 while the (Republican) Lincoln Club of Orange County raised $208,171 ($160,977 in its state PAC and $47,194 in its issues PAC).

In the 45th Congressional District, Congresswoman Mimi Walters faces a challenge from Mission Viejo Councilman Greg Raths, yet there are two Democrats running who will presumably split the vote and fail to make the top two.  In the 48th Congressional District, Dana Rohrabacher faces a challenge from Colin Melott, yet there are two Democrats running who will presumably split the vote and fail to make the top two.  In the 37th Senate District, Senator John Moorlach faces a challenge from Assemblyman Don Wagner, with no Democrats running.  In the 68th Assembly District, there are five Republicans and no Democrats running.

Some might argue the lack of Democrats in the legislative races and exactly two Democrats in the Congressional races is a malevolent scheme to get Republican vs. Republican races in November.  Well, that’s hard to believe when there are only 35 Democrats are running for 42 directly-elected spots on their Central Committee.  Orange County Democrats are simply so disorganized that they have no candidates in huge swaths of Orange County and are in grave danger of failing to make the top two in more swaths of Orange County.

3 Responses to “Where Have All the OC Democrats Gone?”

  1. Dan Chmielewski said

    Chris —
    Your presumption that the DPOC doesn’t have the money to pay filing fees in embarrassingly wrong. OC Republicans are always going to outraise Democrats…too bad people vote and money doesn’t.

    Three of the largest OC cities are Democratic-majority cities now and with Trump looming at the top of your ticket, the down ballot races are going to be hard for your party to defend. And you know, you have a Republican US Senate candidate or two but likely won’t make the top 2 for that race. Voter registration in certain Congressional districts and Assembly districts just doesn’t favor Democrats.

    And there are cities and races where Republicans are AWOL. I’m curious how many Republicans your party will elect to the Santa Ana City Council? You fail to mention the four strong Democratic candidates in Irvine with no ties to Larry Agran and new districts in Anaheim that are sure to add a couple more Blue seats to that city council. Do you truly believe Lynn Schott has a chance in CD-46? Shall I bring up the GOP switcheroo in SD-29?

    This post bashing Democrats has all the bluster of Marco Rubio talking about Trump’s small hands. Your party is imploding fast and a fish rots from the head down. Buckle up. Going to be a bumpy November.

    • Davey said

      Geez Dan, calm down. If your reply is as accurate as you claim why has no candidates been filed in the races Chris mentioned? Don’t shoot the messenger, you live in Irvine…why don’t you run for Senate District 37 or Assembly District 68? Also, the Democrats don’t have a majority in the cities you mentioned, they have a plurality that the GOP still dominates.

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