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NOCCCD Special: Blount Defeats Hwangbo, Both Far Ahead of Billings and Salehi

Posted by Chris Nguyen on February 10, 2016

While 99.99% of people who were following election results yesterday were looking at the New Hampshire Presidential Primary, yesterday was also election day for the North Orange County Community College District, Trustee Area 3.

I had written about the candidates in this election here and about how the special election came to be here.

Cypress School Board Member Steve Blount (R) defeated La Palma Councilman Steve Hwangbo (R).  They both came in far ahead of Southern California Edison Contract Manager Daniel Billings (NPP), who had been appointed to the NOCCCD seat until his appointment was overturned by petition in favor of the special election, and Buena Park Library Board Member Al Salehi (NPP), who had led the petition effort to overturn the Billings appointment and force this special election for the seat.

Governing Board Member, Trustee Area 3, Short Term
Completed Precincts: 82 of 82
Vote Count Percentage
STEPHEN T. BLOUNT 2,381 35.6%
STEVE HWANGBO 2,066 30.9%
DANIEL D. BILLINGS 1,246 18.6%
ALAN “AL” SALEHI 990 14.8%

Blount’s entire margin of victory came from the city of Cypress.  While he defeated Hwangbo in Anaheim and Buena Park, it was his Cypress landslide that enabled him to overcome Hwangbo’s massive lead in La Palma.

City Blount Hwangbo Billings Salehi
Anaheim 342 238 133 100
Buena Park 1087 906 738 691
Cypress 577 250 180 109
La Palma 367 657 186 86

Blount beat Hwangbo in Anaheim by 104 votes (12.8%) and in Buena Park by 181 votes (5.2%).  His 327-vote (29.3%) landslide over Hwangbo in Cypress was the key to overcoming Hwangbo’s 290-vote landslide (22.4%) in La Palma over Blount.

  • In Anaheim, Blount won 42.1% while Hwangbo won 29.3%.
  • In Buena Park, Blount won 31.8% while Hwangbo won 26.6%.
  • In Cypress, Blount won 51.7% while Hwangbo won 22.4%.
  • In La Palma, Blount won 28.3% while Hwangbo won 50.7%.

Billings was a consistent and distant third in all four cities while Salehi was a consistent fourth in all four cities.

There’s a certain irony that Salehi financed the effort to overturn the Billings appointment by petition to cause the special election, yet Salehi came in last and Billings came in third.

2 Responses to “NOCCCD Special: Blount Defeats Hwangbo, Both Far Ahead of Billings and Salehi”

  1. Greg Diamond said

    Congratulations to Steve Blount. I know that he switched parties, and I can understand why, but he’s a good (if somewhat conservative) straight-talking guy with School Board experience; I hope that he works well with the NOCCCD Board.

  2. […] Chris Nguyen has been covering this special election over at OC Political, provides the details of the Blount win – which came down to location, location, location – in this post. […]

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