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Is President Obama Really A Christian?

Posted by Craig P. Alexander on March 15, 2015

This question is asked (and often answered in the negative) a lot on social media when people are either trying to judge the President’s actions and decisions or sometimes when they are expressing their frustration with him.  My normal response to this type of question is I don’t know because I am not the judge of President Obama’s heart – that is God’s job not mine.

David French has written an insightful article about this subject in the National Review entitled (the title is a link to the article) “Is Obama Really A Christian?” I found his article well thought out, respectful and helpful in understanding this President’s decision making.  Is Mr. French correct – well only God knows!  I commend the article to you.

2 Responses to “Is President Obama Really A Christian?”

  1. David Zenger said

    And only God knows if you are a Christian, Mr. Alexander. So I guess that puts Obama in good company.

  2. Greg Diamond said

    Were Bush and Cheney “really Christians”?

    Keep it up, Mr. Alexander. I’m saying that as a partisan Democrat confident that most Republicans are good enough people to flee association with what you’re trying to do here. I’d rather win on issues, but I’ll accept winning on moral disgust

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