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SD-37 Surprise: Naz Namazi Does a Robocall

Posted by Chris Nguyen on March 11, 2015

While going through voicemails yesterday, I was shocked to hear a robocall from Naz Namazi.  Considering she had done no noticeable campaigning, I did not expect a robocall one week before Election Day.

Not surprisingly, it’s the worst robocall I’ve ever heard.  Click below to listen to the call or read the transcript:

I’m Naz, N-A-Z, Naz, and I’m running against two men: a liar and a hypocrite.

I am a legal immigrant who’s lived in Orange County for 33 years and graduated from UC Irvine.

I’m Naz, and of course, I approved this message. VoteNaz.org. Vote honesty. Vote Naz.

First, she opens by name-calling against her opponents.  She calls them “a liar and a hypocrite,” but doesn’t bother even saying why they’re “a liar and a hypocrite.”

Next, she rushes through the script so quickly that it’s difficult to tell if she said, “I am a legal immigrant…” or “I am illegal immigrant…”  While readers of this blog are aware she is a legal immigrant, most people listening to the robocall are not.

Also, UC Irvine doesn’t exactly bring up warm fuzzy feelings right now, with their unsuccessful effort to ban the American flag.  If someone misheard “illegal immigrant” and then heard “UC Irvine” in the call, the call is quickly going south.

She doesn’t explain a single issue stance or give any reasons why anyone should vote for her.

Finally, Namazi fails to say who paid for this call, as required by FPPC regulations.  Oddly, she gives half the FEC statement required for candidates for federal office (“I’m Naz, and of course, I approved this message”).  Since she is running for state office, she does not need to say she approved this message.  For either type of message, she has to say, “Paid for by X” (I assume this call was “Paid for by Namazi for Senate 2015” but can’t rule out anyone else paying for it since she didn’t disclose.)

5 Responses to “SD-37 Surprise: Naz Namazi Does a Robocall”

  1. Connor said

    Sounds like I’m missing out on the exciting robocalls. Interested to see is she will have any others

  2. Greg Diamond said

    I think that she’s saying that one is a liar (presumably Wagner, for any one of scores of reasons) and one is a hypocrite (Moorlach, supposedly because he is receiving a pension despite hating pensions), Her explicit reason to support her (“”honesty”) is that she’s neither a liar or a hypocrite — but rather the only alternative on the ballot for those two.

    My question is whether she’s going to beat Louise Stewardson for third place. But you’re right that this is nowhere near as good as the IE I was going to try to put together for her until Louise Stewardson (slogan: “that’s with a ‘d” and and ‘o'”) got into the race and derailed any such plans: “NAZ is NAMAZIng!”

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