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Recall fever and NIMBYs

Posted by Brenda Higgins on September 13, 2014

“Not In My Backyard” is such a common phenomenon and driving force in local politics, that, in case you weren’t aware, they’ve come to be known collectively as NIMBYs.  It has become the scourge of Yorba Linda.

There is a recall election taking place.  If you live in the city, the absentee ballot is in your mailbox now.  If you do not vote by mail, the date is October 7.

If you really haven’t been paying attention, the other election, the REAL election, in which you vote for city council, congressman and other important stuff, is November 4.  Yep, you got it, less than 30 days apart.  There must be something super important and horrendously awful going on in the YL to justify the CITY footing the bill for this SPECIAL election for only Yorba Linda.  Yeah. Not so much.  In general, a bunch of local histrionic activists having a temper tantrum melt down again.  Yes, again.  And, you resident, regardless of whether you vote or care or not, are picking up the tab, for self proclaimed “fiscal conservatives” to have mega hissy fit and wear out their soap boxes.

There must be a payoff though right? A derivative benefit, a good sound outcome and consequence in the end?  No. IT changes nothing except the names on the dais.  That’s it.  Truly.  The rest is just rhetoric.  Really.  The same thing was at stake in the last recall effort.  Yes, this is a bi-annual event.  Oh, except that one was justified, right?  No.  It was as silly as this one. It was and remains about who is friends with whom, who in on whom’s “team” and who likes whom and on and on with the personal vendettas.

There is no ethical violations or illegal activity at the heart of this recall, NOR IS ANY ALLEGED.  Yes, you read that right.  No one is alleging that the council member subject to the recall have violated any ethics ordinance or any law at all.  There was an allegation floating around that they broke “campaign promises’, but that is not actually true either and even if it was, really? Who cares and lets’ talk to Hillary Clinton about promises and blue dresses again.

It goes something like this, apartments. Well.  They are not welcome in Yorba Linda.  Apparently neither are the apartment dwellers who come with them, (the racism behind the recall drivers is something that is the subject of much speculation and rumor but not actually documented, you’ll have to derive your own opinion about it) Yorba Linda is subject to certain mandates from the state of California.  We must build housing, in general multi tenant housing, suitable for persons in lower income brackets.  For those of you following along at home it is important to note, the city of Yorba Linda was cited not all that long ago as having the one of the highest per capita income in the nation at about $120,000 per year, per household.  That’s not a lot of diversity, and clearly there aren’t a lot of options then, for people not in that income bracket to reside in the city.

Also, in case you haven’t noticed, in this blue of blue states of ours, there is no tolerance for that kind of affluence and forced inclusion is the rule of law. In the state where we open the border and host welcoming committees for those who cross illegally, how could you really expect anything different.

So, apartments will be built, or Sacramento will be moving into Main Street, regardless of what Yorba Lindans want.  Sacramento is going to make it happen.

Although this is news to most of the residents who are trying to figure out how to vote, this is NOT a new issue.  In anticipation of this issue, the city, meaning the VOTERS of the city, passed Measure B years ago.  Measure B, takes the issue of zoning changes AWAY from the electeds on the city council and places that power in the hands of the people. So, if any land owner in Yorba Linda wishes to change the zoning on their property, so that they may cash in on current building trends and the need to keep in step with this State mandate for multi family housing, that land owner must have the approval of the voters of Yorba Linda.

Heres the REAL NEWS FLASH, the projects that are pending right now, the ones that are the alleged basis for the RECALL, have been so approved.  The voters, the residents, the citizens of Yorba Linda, voted for and approved the properties that are now being prepared to construct apartments.  This is happening, you voted or ignored it and didn’t vote, but these city council members, who are being targeted for recall DID NOT APPROVE these apartments to be built in Yorba Linda.

I have said it before, there is NO SANTA CLAUS.  Especially in politics.

The only correct vote on the October ballot is a NO vote on the recall.

Noteworthy as well, is that Tom Lindsey is up for reelection in November.  So even if he is recalled in October, he is on the November ballot.  Yep.  These are the geniuses who want to replace him.  They want us the citizens to spend upward of $300,000.00 for their personal vendettas, while they flush our money literally down the toilet.  How much mitigation could that money have accomplished on the projects in question, in traffic issues, walls and barriers, landscaping.  There are things that could have been done to deal with the NIMBYs but we’re spending this money just whining about it.

It accomplishes nothing. Shame on Nancy Rikel and her band of political thugs for doing this. Shame on all of you who have whined about the apartments being build in your backyard and your recent interest and involvement in local politics.  Where were you in 2008, in 2010, and even before when solutions to these issues were being debated and resolved?  Now that there are bulldozers in the neighborhood you’re all full of interest and determination.  There is truly nothing that can be done about this now, nothing that can be changed, and these efforts are in vain and much to the detriment of the city overall.

Everyone needs to do themselves a favor and get informed.  If we do not become a city of informed voters we will continue to be victimized and have our cities coffers raided systematically by these warring factions.  When are we going to say enough and end this? Change is the only norm in life and in society.  Whining about what we don’t like does not bring back the past.  These recall supporters have promised things that they have no ability to deliver and Yorba Linda, please wake up, they have their hands in your pockets.  Again.

30 Responses to “Recall fever and NIMBYs”

  1. Without getting into the details as I am not following the specifics, let me focus on the clock. You reference two elections 30 days apart. Before jumping to conclussions let me share an identical debate in Mission Viejo where a current candidate is using your false argument to make the same point. In Mission Viejo the (successful) effort to recall our mayor began over one year before the city clerk ever posted it as an election Measure . You need to find others who are in agreement with your issue, get the required number of qualified signatures to be on a ballot and wait for the city clerk to set the date which in our case resulted in a special Feb. rather than a Nov. general election. “Ready, fire, aim” needs to be exposed.

  2. Rick said

    Well I have a news flash for you, I did pay attention and reviewed all elements and concluded a yes recall was the correct decision. Indeed the HD density law was passed but due errors was based on incorrect numbers. The RHNA target for YL HD units is now 669, and for affordable housing 399. Bottom line YL has twice the amount of HD units than the State requires now. Indeed we must always meet the state’s goals, but lowering our housing element per our own Dep. city attorney is reasonable. A moratorium was also denied by the council,s majority. The approved HD units approved contained no AHU except for a token donation.

    You imply the negative like there must be a payoff? The only payoff is that folks, about 10,000 who signed the petition and pay council’s salaries and pensions, and pay the very high property taxes moved here for its gracious living, and surprise, they like to maintain it till the extend feasible.

    Nothing in the Secretary of State definition of a recall states it must be because of illegal conduct, Governor Davis was recalled without any illegalities or ethical violations. Please read up about it.

    Some on the council have a strong connection to the real estate industry and are widely financial supported by outside developers.not any different than Governor Brown being widely supported by the Teacher’s union. The recall cost is close to $250,000.00 and that money is already spend , and based on about 20,000 properties makes it about $12.50 per household, indeed a small investment in order to protect one’s investment and style of living to the extend we cann, otherwise we would move to either Anaheim or say Santa Ana for increased diversity as you call it.

    This is not about AHU, we all agree on that, but we do not agree with greedy out of town developers taking advantage of the indeed poorly written measure I, to line their pockets. There are no vendetta’s , it is all about style of living within the required state frame work, this could have been done many months earlier by rewriting and or revolting measure I, or a temporary moratorium, by the majority, supported by outside developers under threat I will sue you refused. City of Tahoe had more character and said sue me, and they won, our council should protect us, even when sued. But they sided with the developers, nothing to do with AHU.

    THEY are the ones with their hands in my pocket not the other way around as you seem to imply.

    In any event as a well informed and educated person living in YL, a yes recall vote is where it is for me and my friends and family,


    R de Bruijn

  3. Larry, What exactly is your point?

  4. Brenda. My responses was based solely on your gripe over conducting two elections 30 days apart .Those of us who initiate these recall elections do not control the time it requires to gain support, funding to gather signatures if required, and the city clerk schedule for placing verifed initiatives on the ballot. I’ve not studied nor do I intend to take a position on your own election. Activists do not satisfy the criteria overnight. Therefore the 30 day separation is misleading. I wonder how long it took for the recall of governor Davis from the initial concept to the date of that special election in 2003. “CALIFORNIA CONSTITUTION ARTICLE 2, SECTION 13. Recall is the power of the electors to remove an elective officer.”

  5. OCInsider#33 said

    Larry, the 30 day argument is a valid one, although not the only one, I doubt this recall, or possibly the one in MV took longer then a year and a half . If someone is up for reelection at the next election (less two years) it is a complete waste of the taxpayers dollars to recall them. Sadly this is a perfect example of the personal politics that has taken a front and center position in little Yorba Linda.

    • Insider. Respectfully you have no idea how long it took to get support for our successful recall. I could make inquiries but it’s not a key at this time. Part of the duration related to ongoing actions by our mayor which triggered final support. Most residents don’t want to be considered activists and prefer neglecting what is going on in their cities unless it imp;actsthem directly. Simply look at the lame voter turnout which in this mid term might be 40%. As an aside if the mayor had been re-elected he would have had access to $250,000 in lifetime healthcare benefits for his part time position.

      • OCInsider#33 said

        Larry, Sorry, I obviously didn’t explain myself well. Just my opinion, but if someone is up within two years the effort should be made to unseat them at the regular election rather then a recall. As you apparently know, it can take time to get a recall election in place.

  6. Ed Rakochy said

    Leave it to you Brenda to put the spin on a shopping cart scratch and turn it in to a train wreck. I don’t need to remind you that your developer loving pals, Young, Lindsey and Hernandez, intentionally scheduled the recall 30 days from the general election, so you guys could continue to make the timing claim ad nauseum up to October 7. The special election could have been scheduled as early September, but your buddies chose the late date as a political ploy. Secondly, as Mr. Gilbert points out, the timing of the special election is dependent on several outside factors, as well as State law. This recall would still happen as a special election, because Craig Young is not running in the November election. His term doesn’t end until November 2016. The special election could not be consolidated with the November election, because once again State law sets the timetable, not the proponents. As for the costs of the recall, the $250,000 (not $300,000) pales in comparision to the $1.5 million both Young and Lindsey waste with their vote to subsidize the deficit in the Landscape Managment Assessment District. It also pales in comparison to the hundreds of millions in lowered property values because of the 70% increase in high-density, multi-family housing in the city.

    Regarding your ethical and legal criteria for recalls, there are none. State law ONLY dictates the procedure and the timetable and says nothing about ethical or legal violations. So your reasons are yours and yours alone or you must be Bullwinkle and think you can pull a rabbit out of your hat. Recalls can be used to remove officials from office, if you don’t like their bad jokes or if they took a bribe from a government contractor. In the case of Yorba Linda, a recall is being used to remove two elected officials from office who both failed to keep their low-density campaign promises and have failed miserably at dealing with a high-density housing crisis that will forever change the nature and character of Yorba Linda.

    The sky is not going to fall and the State is not going to bring its iron hammer to Yorba Linda. We are currently in compliance with our affordable housing sites and we will still be in compliance if we lower housing densities on those sites. State affordable housing law allows downzoning if there is a surplus of units. Yorba Linda has a surplus of 623 units. During the November 2013 discussion on the high-density moratorium the State said they would work with us on redoing our Housing Element. That’s not an iron hammer.

    We will change. It’s inevitable, but we can choose how we change, not how developers or urban planners want us to change. That’s what zoning laws are all about. It’s a public process. So give the cheap rhetoric a rest and do something constructive like help the OCGOP pick up some Republican seats in Sacramento, instead calling conservative Yorba Linda residents NIMBYs or implying that they’re racist. That’s mighty liberal of ya.

  7. Congratulations on your organization winning the Radish award, Ed. You must be so proud. Apparently I am not the only one in the county who thinks this is a colossal waste of time and money and a completely ego driven project.


    Is Nancy going to share her lifetime benefits with you once she is back in office asa a reward for your undying loyalty?

    Congratulations are also in order for obtaining the OCGOP endorsement for your efforts. Oh wait, the Republican party disagreed with you too and encouraged the citizens of the YL to vote NO ON THE RECALL.

    Well, better luck next time Ed.

    • edrakochy said

      The prestigious Radish Award is from the most phony Orange County political group. The Orange County Taxpayers Association should really call itself the Orange County Developers Association. Their largest contributors are the Irvine Company, CJ Segerstrom and the Building Industry of Southern California. There is not Average Joe citizen or taxpayer that has contributed to this PAC. What a bunch of phonies and outright liars. At least we know who butter your bread Brenda and it’s not Subway.

      Follow the money folks and read about the OC Tax PAC here: http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Yorba-Linda-e-News–September-16–2014–Part-4-The-Buy-Out-of-Yorba-Linda.html?soid=1112323515017&aid=Bk_5GTTgX44

      • OCInsider#33 said

        Ed, in reading the article that Brenda posted, the Radish Award didn’t come from OC Tax PAC but from the Orange County Taxpayers Association. That’s a separate entity.

        • edrakochy said

          Plueeeese. The FPPC financial disclosure forms say OCTaxPAC sponosred by the Orange County Taxpayers Association. NOT. The real sponsors are The Irvine Company, CJ Segerstrom and the Building Industry of Southern California. This is where the money is really coming from and it is doled out to politicians in Orange County who are developer friendly, like Craig Young and Tom Lindsey and a cast of other Orange County characters.

          • OCInsider#33 said

            Oh Radishakochy, Plueeeese. You are making it out like the OCTax PAC gave the Radish, apparently they did not. The Orange County Taxpayers Association did.

            • edrakochy said

              Oh Dearest OC Insider Who Hideth Behind a Nom de Plum,

              OC Tax PAC and OC Taxpayers are one in the same. Only the names have been changed to hide the crooks.

              When you identify your real self, I’ll show some respect.

              • OCInsider#33 said

                Radishakochy, maybe when you stop hiding behind pretending to be a conservative. Took a few union members to get this recall in place didn’t it ?

                • edrakochy said

                  Sorry to disappoint the OCGOP rumor mill, but YLRRR and the candidates running to replace the developer bought Young and Lindsey haven’t received a dime from any union and that would include the Sheriff’s union. Give it up OC Underpants.

                  • OCInsider#33 said

                    Talking about getting the recall papers signed Mr. Radishakochy, you might want to get your story straight with the union because they are telling it differently behind closed doors.

                • edrakochy said

                  That’s a flat out lie OC Underpants and you know it. What is it with you Linclon Club people and Craig Young? You guys would destroy a polygraphachine.

            • Ed speaks the truth and you, my dear, are down to name calling. I have always thought when someone does that, they are simply out of ammunition! If you lived in Yorba Linda you would understand the problem….obviously, you don’t live here. So stop looking foolish and stop writing about what you don’t know!

    • edrakochy said


      If you actually paid attention, Tom Lindsey voted for the same benefits that are available to Nancy Rikel. Additionally, this ordinance wouldn’t go in to effect until 2016. So much for really trying to deal with the problem. All this Council benefits junk is just more ad hominem arguments, so you guys can put it on glossy mailers and take the attention away from the real issue of high density and Young and Lindsey’s failure to deal with the problem.

  8. ….and thanks for noticing, Ed. Yes, I am doing my part and then some to make sure Democrats lose their job in November. You should take all that energy and vitriole and find a new cause. You’ve been singing the same song about evil developers for at least a half dozen election cycles. Only the faces of the alleged villains change. The issues and the recalls are the same old retreads. I suppose eventually there will be no one willing to run for any office in the city of Yorba Linda. That’ll be a big day when you and Nancy can just be in charge of everything!

  9. Leslie Chow said

    Brenda your kind of hot. If your single, maybe we can make out in one of those big bull dozers at the next high density project that the builder funded Lindsey, Young and Hernandez approved project? I love the conflict of interest that Hernandez’s son brings to the table! This is a perfect text book example of how to buy a city council! Sponsored by your local friendly builder. Now about that bull dozer……

  10. If you favor “special interest” developers than you can support the OC Taxpayers Assn. They have their own agenda which ignores “public safety” and the local taxpayers best interests. I.e. In the 2012 MV election we defeated challenger Wendy Bucknum who supported adding seven 60 x 20 foot electronic billboards on the Kaleidoscope center at Crown Valley and the freeway. OC Taxpayers Assn. actively promoted that blight. Wendy’s running again and if wins this time, and having received Kaleidoscope management support in 2012, you can be assured that her vote of support is in the bank.

    • edrakochy said

      Thanks Larry. So true. These guys aren’t like the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. They are wolves who wear sheep’s clothing and hide behind a name. I hereby award them the stinking onion award. They’re stinking up Orange County with their selfish business interests that put more strain on infrastructure and actually cause taxes to increase.

  11. L Chow said

    Brenda your kind of hot! If your single, maybe we can make-out in one of those big bulldozers at the next high-density builder-backed project that Lindsey, Young and Hernandez approved against the voice of the people? Speaking of Hernandez, I love the conflict of interest that his son Paul brings to the table through his builder-backed PAC donations funneled through “front” companies! A textbook example of how to buy a city council. Well the gig’s up, the people are onto it and since we dont want to be another Santa Ana or Anaheim, 8,000+ people have spoken and signed the recall petitions! Cry all you want, but the crooked three are going down on October 7th! Now how about that Bulldozer…………

  12. Ms. McCune, your cynicism may apply to some people in Yorba Linda, but you misunderstand the issues that concern the majority of residents in the City, and you certainly do not understand the people who are a part of Nancy’s and my campaign.

    Young, Lindsey, their supporters, and, now you, are determined to run a nasty, negative, and ill-conceived campaign. It looks remarkably similar to the how the Democrats have gone after the Tea Party. You write as if you know and see all, however, your letter and their negative campaigning has worn thin. I have heard from many Yorba Linda voters that they are tired of their, and now your, fabrications, disinformation, mistruths, misrepresentations, and half-truths.

    The good news for the people of Yorba Linda is that the Young and Lindsey campaign and your letter are so misleading, that many people see your comments for what they are: untrue. It is obvious that you are making an effort to distract voters from the real issues that matter to Yorba Linda. There is a good reason for this style of campaigning. You cannot address the real issues or Mayor Young and Lindsey’s record, because compared to Nancy’s accomplishments their achievements are purely an illusion and terribly insignificant.

    Let’s start with my favorite example of disinformation. The often-repeated lie about us being a radical group of “liberals” tied to some fictitious outside “special interest” group. Let me be clear: we are not liberals beholden to some outside group. We are not racists, either. (You should retract your statement and apologize immediately!). Moreover, we have every intention of meeting the City’s obligations as specified by the State. What unites our efforts is a commitment to provide responsible government and remain the Land of Gracious Living.

    Any informed person knows that Yorba Linda is not prepared to address the massive increase in high-density development that confronts our city today. The developer-supported majority on City Council is approving projects that will not make our community stronger. Many residents no longer trust Mayor Craig Young and Councilman Tom Lindsey to represent our interests. These two elected representatives have adopted very pro-developer policies that have led to oversized projects with inadequate parking and a reduced quality of life for too many of the neighbors living nearby. We are not anti-development; we just demand responsible development.

    There are sixteen prospective projects and/or sites in the review/approval process with all but two on the west end of the City. The projects that have been approved, and those that have made it to Planning and Traffic Commissions, almost always suffer from too many housing units for the space available. Worse, it is clear that the projects the Council approved in 2014 have had insufficient parking spaces. We are now significantly increasing our standards to better reflect the parking experience of our neighboring cities. This proves the point that the pro-development majority on Yorba Linda City Council was not being diligent enough in protecting the City’s residents.

    In other words, the City is not equipped to manage this influx of high-density development, which today with the projects and space available will increase our high-density housing units by more than 70%. The problem is not having these developments in our backyard. We need to do a much better job assuring that new housing developments work for the residents, buyers, renters, and developers.

    As important, we run the risk of not meeting our State mandated affordable housing targets for Very-Low and Low Income housing. The City Council majority has secured only a negligible number of Affordable Housing units, which means that they are putting the City at risk with the Housing and Community Development arm of the State. Managing the City’s affordable housing program is going to require better policies, more staff, new systems, and auditing capabilities that are not even being discussed today. When you look at our city compared with others, we are coming to a tank fight armed with BB guns.

    Clearly, you do not understand the issues or the people of Yorba Linda, which explains why you have adopted the wrong position on the recall. The October 7th recall election is all about bringing these issues to light and having them addressed effectively under transparent public processes. It is time to stop your ad hominem attacks. Let’s get serious about policies and performance. But, that is not Craig Young and Tom Lindsey’s campaign strategy. Why did Lindsey and Young turn down the opportunity for a candidate forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters? The answer is obvious. Councilman Young and Lindsey are running a negative campaign based upon false impressions and illusions aimed at low information voters. They are not running on their record. They are running from it, and you are providing political cover for them.

  13. Tom Lynch said

    Ms McCune
    The recall is NOT about the personalities of the recallees or the candidates for their council positions. Its about the recallees failure to manage the YL housing program, failure to listen to the citizens and failure to live up to their campaign promises. The failed all of us and they are being fired.

    I am going to make very simple for you:

    The YES on the RECALL is about SAVING OUR WONDERFUL CITY as we know it.
    Its about maintaining the lifestyle we all love
    It’s ABOUT preserving all the REASONs why we moved here

    VOTING NO means you SUPPORT the following HD development impacts
    • Crowded schools
    • More & More traffic
    • Increased air pollution
    • Increased noise pollution
    • More crime
    • Heavily Impacted CITY recreation facilities and parks
    • Higher costs for local government
    • Blocked views from your homes
    • Encroachment on your privacy

    Do you want any of this? I know I don’t

    Voting NO ALSO means you support biggest impact on all of us…
    Decreased values of YOUR property.
    Do you really want to loose the property value you have worked SOOO hard to keep
    I sure don’t!!!

    Over 9000 citizens support this recall…I repeat over 9000 support the recall

    Wake up YL and VOTE YES to recall Lindsey and Young

    Tom Lynch

  14. Just getting up to date on all of the vitriole that transpired in the OC this fall. It is noteworthy that a record number of voters turned out for the Recall election and it was soundly defeated, not to mention in the regular election held shortly thereafter, all YLRR candidates were also soundly defeated. It is a bright day in the YL and hope springs eternal that reasonableness will return to the land of gracious living and the perverts and contention mongerers will find somewhere else to play.

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