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Breaking News: Teacher Tenure Ruled Unconstitutional

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on June 10, 2014

A Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge ruled earlier today that teacher tenure is unconstitutional. We will have a deeper analysis of this ruling later today. H/T to the Sacramento Bee for posting this story.

One Response to “Breaking News: Teacher Tenure Ruled Unconstitutional”

  1. Greg Woodard said

    Emami, you beat me to the punch, but the judge’s ruling could have massive ripples throughout the California education system, and if it stands on appeal may finally be the first major blow to the teachers unions’ stranglehold on California. The novel argument from the plaintiffs was that every child in California is constitutionally entitled to equal access to public education, and that poor and minority students are being denied that right by poor teachers who cannot be fired. The Court found that there are any where from 2,750 to over 8,000 grossly incompetent teachers in California, and that these incompetent teachers disproportionately impact poor and minority students. However, because of tenure, teacher dismissal, seniority, and other laws, it is difficult if not impossible to fire incompetent teachers. Accordingly, the court found that the laws are unconstitutional, and the court enjoined their application meaning that, barring a stay, the laws cannot be enforced. Massive win for students and huge blow to the unions. Don’t think for a moment the unions are not already telling the Democratic legislators they have bought, that a legislative fix has to be made in the event they lose at the Court of Appeal and/or Supreme Court level.

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