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Central Committee Update: Lots of Neutrality on Endorsements

Posted by Chris Nguyen on May 19, 2014

Your intrepid blogger was delayed to Central Committee since sometimes one’s main source of income is more important than the blog. :)

Thanks to fellow OC Political bloggers Thomas Gordon and Craig Alexander for filling me in on some items.

In the Fifth District Supervisor’s race, the Endorsements Committee had recommended Robert Ming for endorsement on a 4-1 vote. Tonight, Ming asked the Central Committee to stay neutral in this race, and the Central Committee agreed unanimously.

In the judicial race between Superior Court Commissioner Carmen Luege and Deputy District Attorney Jeff Ferguson, the Central Committee upheld the Endorsements Committee recommendation of neutrality.

(8:02 PM): On motion of Deborah Pauly, the Central Committee unanimously voted to stay neutral in the Attorney General’s race.

(8:11 PM): On motion of Deborah Pauly, the Central Committee unanimously endorses Pete Peterson for Secretary of State.


(8:12 PM): Candidate John Cullum questions the integrity of the process because he thought the party had decided to stay neutral last month (Editor’s Note: the Central Committee delayed the endorsement vote to tonight). He notes he is endorsed by the American Independent Party. He claims to have name ID (he lost the 2012 primary). He attacks Carlos Vasquez for being a former member of the American Independent Party.

(8:15 PM): Baron Night says Vasquez is tending to his ill son tonight. He says Vasquez is pro-life and opposes gay marriage. He wants education with stronger job skill training. Vasquez wants more local control for schools, lower taxes, including 100% deductibility for health insurance premiums. Night notes Vasquez is the only one to fill out an application for endorsement. Night then ends with a limerick.

There is some uproar about whether Republican Candidate Adam Nick was invited. Mark Bucher confirms he was.

David Shawver asks why Cullum refused to fill out an application.

Cullum says the party should stay out when there’s multiple good Republicans in the race.

A Central Committee member asks Cullum if he applied for the American Independent Party endorsement.

Cullum says he did.

The Central Committee follows up asking if Cullum values the American Independent Party endorsement more than the Republican Party endorsement.

Cullum cites the party endorsements in the sample ballot.

A lengthy debate on parliamentary procedure ensues.

(8:27 PM): Brenda McCune expresses her concern that the party is threatening to do nothing in Loretta Sanchez’s seat. She expresses alarm at Cullum, a candidate endorsed by another political party, urging the Republican Party to not endorse.

(8:28 PM): Deborah Pauly echoes McCune’s comments.

(8:29 PM): David Shawver notes the CRA listened to both Cullum and Vasquez and decided to endorse Vasquez.

(8:30 PM): The party by a nearly unanimous vote to endorse Vasquez.



(8:31 PM): Todd Spitzer speaks about Measure A, which requires elected officials to pay for their own pensions.

On motion of Baron Night, Measure A is endorsed unanimously.


Endorsements are complete.

The Orange County Young Republican Association speaks about several upcoming events and asks for donations.

The Volunteer of the Month is being awarded to the 30 youth under the mentorship of Maribel Marroquin who have been volunteering in the OCGOP’s Hispanic Engagement efforts in Central Orange County.

(8:55 PM): Deborah Pauly and Thomas Gordon ask for an emergency resolution supporting Proposition 13 and opposing the split roll. The resolution was drafted by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.

A lengthy discussion on parliamentary procedure ensues.

On motion of Baron Night and second by Todd Spitzer, the rules are suspended to allow consideration of the resolution brought by Deborah Pauly and Thomas Gordon at the behest of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.

On motion of Baron Night and seconded by numerous people, the resolution is adopted unanimously.

6 Responses to “Central Committee Update: Lots of Neutrality on Endorsements”

  1. Thanks To Deborah Pauly she pressed for support of a Resolution in support of Prop 13. After a debate on the Urgency of the non Agendized request a vote was taken to see if the Committee would hear the item. That vote passed unanimously. This was followed by a discussion with a vote being taken that was unanimously in favor of the Resolution.

  2. OC Observer said

    Ming didn’t ask the OC GOP to stay neutral in the 5th District. He only asked them to table the Endorsement Committee recommendation to endorse him until after the primary, probably because he would have lost an endorsement vote.

    What the Central Committee did was take no action on the recommendation and re-start the endorsement process after the primary, if either of the top two candidates chooses to pursue the party endorsement. Ming didn’t rule out doing so. Bartlett and Ury have both made it clear they want to OC GOP to stay neutral through November.

    • Staying neutral on endorsements is a cop out. Beyond voter registration and GOTV what is the purpose of Central Committee’s when we now have “top two” elections? One member raised a valid point last night. Elected Central Committee members recommend or conduct interviews of candidates. They are elected within their District to serve the voters including helping them decide which candidates best fit the party platform. To refrain from making an endorsement attempt is a failure to perform that key responsibility.

    • Greg Woodard said

      Robert also asked the Central Committee to re-visit its rules regarding endorsements in general. Current rules do not allow the party to endorse more than one candidate for any given race, making it difficult when there are multiple Republicans running for any given race. Robert wants each candidate to be vetted by their individual credentials, and not against the other candidates running. In effect, this could mean that the party endorses more than one Republican if they pass the Endorsements Committee and general body tests.

  3. Greg Woodard said

    I wanted to add that it was great to see all the youths recognized for all the hours they have put in over the last two years, reaching out to thousands of Democrats in Santa Ana. I walked a precinct, and my translator was articulate and confident, and I was encouraged at how many Democrats were willing to listen to me and at least consider my points.

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