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Prepare to be Entertained: The AD 74 “Feet to the Fire” Candidate Forum

Posted by Scott Carpenter on May 9, 2014

Chris Nguyen gave a great play by play on the lively forum that featured the candidates running for Assembly District 74. After reading it and following tweets by Allan Bartlett, I HAD to see the video. Lucky for me Jack Wu had tipped me off that the event had been taped. Last night I came across the YouTube video and watched the whole thing. It is incredibly entertaining…I’ll leave it at this: it was very lively and you will be able to see why.


3 Responses to “Prepare to be Entertained: The AD 74 “Feet to the Fire” Candidate Forum”

  1. caschatte said

    Watched the first 30 seconds of this. The “moderator” dressed in the flame pants and the guy in the back that she introduced in the flame shirt should tell you all you need to know. In the real world when you hold political candidates “feet to the fire” it’s not a production dreamed up by the supposed moderator to make her/he look good, it’s actually about those in the audience asking real questions to wannabe civic leaders. I do hope that ya’ll realize that people in middle America view this as not normal behavior. This “moderator” would be viewed as in it for personal gratification, then it’s more than likely that the audience has been preselected to be politically correct. This may be normal behavior there. If so, no wonder so many businesses and common folk are moving out to other States and leaving ya’ll to you own brand of fantasy… I used to say that you can’t make this shit up, but alas the world is ruled now by the devil and apparently anything goes and is the new normal. I for one cannot see how this can be taken seriously as a political debate. It’s not some hollyfreakinwood production, it’s your life and those of your kids and grandkids. Not something I would leave up to the freak in the flame pants…

  2. "Conservative Latino" said

    Karina Onofre is a crazy cat. I love it. She responses to the questions were off the wall! Hahaha.

  3. […] Onofre has made this election a lot of fun. Check out these posts from Scott Carpenter; Prepare to be Entertained: The AD 74 “Feet to the Fire” Candidate Forum and AD74 Watch: Karina Onofre Channels […]

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