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Los Angeles County Sheriff Baca has a challenger!

Posted by Allen Wilson on August 14, 2013

OC Political has received information that Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca has a serious contender for his job, which Baca is up for re-election in 2014.


Olmsted Campaign for Sheriff released this Press Release:

Los Angeles, August 14th – Today former commander Bob Olmsted, 62, has announced his run for Los Angeles County Sheriff against Lee Baca.

Bob Olmsted is a proven reformer. As a commander, he was unafraid to call attention to the corruption in the men’s central jail system. After his retirement, he was willing to talk openly about the widespread dysfunction and corruption that has resulted in multiple federal investigations and a long string of departmental scandals.

Now Olmsted wants to take his over 32 years of experience as a highly-regarded supervisor, as a teacher of criminal justice and, most importantly, as a law officer with the courage to stand up for what’s right, and use it to bring back honor and good policing to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s department.

The Olmsted campaign has launched a web video highlighting Lee Baca’s record of mismanagement and corruption while introducing candidate Bob Olmsted.

Click below to view the ad:

Bob Olmstead states, “Sheriff Lee Baca’s mismanagement is to blame for numerous corruption scandals and federal investigations. Change has to come from the top.”

“Voters deserve a sheriff’s department they can be proud of. I’m running for Sheriff to restore integrity into the department and get back to the basics – serving the community, stopping crime, and helping keep kids out of crime in the first place.

Please visit Olmsted’s campaign website at http://www.OlmstedInstead.com for more information and campaign updates.

Bob Olmsted worked his way through the ranks in the Sheriff’s department from Deputy to Commander, excelling as a training officer, investigator and executive. Bob taught Criminal Justice at El Camino College, and earned his BA and MPA degrees from Cal State Dominguez Hills.

2 Responses to “Los Angeles County Sheriff Baca has a challenger!”

  1. Yeager said

    One of Baca’s MAJOR failings is finance — he can’t handle his budget.

  2. OC Resident said

    Why is a story about the LA Sheriff on OC Political? I thought this blog was about Orange County politics, not LA.

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