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Hieu Nguyen Appointed Orange County Clerk-Recorder

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on April 2, 2013

On a 4-1 vote (Moorlach dissenting) after a marathon interview session the Orange County Board of Supervisors voted to appointed Hieu Nguyen to the position of Orange County Clerk-Recorder. His interview was not the best but he did well and answered the questions the right way.

My computer has already died so I am not able to complete the portions of this post the way that I would like but we have a couple of things on deck for this news. following the meeting I am fairly certain that OC Political was lucky enough to get the first interview with Hieu Nguyen just outside the boardroom. We will be launching this as our first audio post.

Also, Supervisor Todd Spitzer had the misfortune of being the only Supervisor that didn’t run away fast enough as I approached the dais looking for interviews. He was kind enough to give us some time to talk about the process and what he looks to see moving forward.

If not tonight, by tomorrow I also expect to be able to have a more comprehensive post up about Hieu Nguyen. I will also tally up each Supervisors individual votes on each round of the process and present it for our readers. Be on the lookout for all of these and more later this week on OC Political.

Coming up we have the next round of appointments which will be the Orange County Auditor-Controller and Orange County Public Administrator.

2 Responses to “Hieu Nguyen Appointed Orange County Clerk-Recorder”

  1. GREAT JOB on this today, Chris! I jumped in to read your play-by-play throughout the day and got a real flavor for the proceedings. I know, it’s not like being there, but this was a good second option. Thanks for providing this excellent public service.

  2. […] Nguyen Hugh Nguyen was appointed to the office almost a year ago and has done an excellent job in running the office. He has run the most […]

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