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California’s Two Highest Paid State Employees Fired in Four-Month Span

Posted by Chris Nguyen on March 25, 2013

Making a combined salary of $5 million in 2011, California’s two highest paid state employees were cut from the state payroll in the last four months.

Hired in late 2001, the state’s highest paid state employee made $2.88 million in 2011.  He was fired in November after six years of subpar performance at UC Berkeley.

Hired in early 2003, the state’s second-highest paid state employee made $2.15 million in 2011.  He was fired over the weekend after five years of declining performance at UCLA.

Little surprise, all five of the top five highest-paid state employees (from 2011, the latest year with numbers available) came from the University of California system’s payroll.  With those two gone, the highest earners from 2011 still collecting state salaries are UCLA’s Ronald Busuttil ($1.98 million), UCSF’s Anthony Azakie ($1.81 million), and UCSF’s Philip Leboit ($1.53 million).

tedfordhowlandOh, those two who were fired?  The one fired in November was Jeff Tedford, Head Coach of the Cal Football, and the one fired over the weekend was Ben Howland, Head Coach of the UCLA Men’s Basketball team.

For some of our readers, you saw this a mile away as soon as you read the headline.  For other readers, this raised your hackles at the start of this post and is still an outrage.

Back in July, I had written a post about the massive $169 million subsidies that the UC and CSU systems provide to Division I athletic programs.  This is a net cost that already accounts for all revenues provided by these athletic programs to the universities.

UCLA spent $2.59 million in subsidies to its athletic programs while UC Berkeley spent more than four times as much, with $10.51 million in subsidies to its athletic programs.

As I noted in July:

At a time of budget cuts, tuition increases, class reductions, and enrollment reductions, should UC & CSU really be spending this much money to subsidize athletics?  Aren’t athletic departments supposed to subsidize the universities, not the other way around?

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  1. Connor D. said

    This has to be a Chris Nguyen article

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