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Taxin’ Troy Edgar Pushing for a Massive Increase in Sewer Fees

Posted by OC Insider on March 18, 2013

Recently, news has been circulating that the Sanitation District is looking to increase rates by 15%.

If passed, this would be the 3rd increase in the last eight years.

2008: 61% increase over five years

2005: 31% increase

Taxin Troy-1I did a little investigating to find out who is pushing this new increase in fees.   I spoke with a few members of the Sanitation District Board to get their input.

Shockingly, Troy Edgar, who refused to sign the tax pledge but wanted everyone to believe he wouldn’t raise taxes, is leading the charge for a countywide tax increase.

Hopefully, this endeavor ends as bad as Edgar’s campaign for Assembly.  You would think that after embarrassingly losing a race in which he had every advantage possible, he would disappear and do some soul searching.  At the very least, after being resoundingly admonished by the the voters, he would take the hint and stop trying to squeeze every penny out of his constituents.  Instead, he is proving why he earned the name Taxin’ Troy Edgar and is  back to his old tricks.

I wonder how he plans to spin this increase in order for us common people to understand it?

Thankfully, the OC Register is again opposing Troy Edgar and his constant appetite for more of your money.

I hope that the rest of the Sanitation District Directors took note from watching Troy Edgar lose all his money and  his race for assembly by an indecently large margin.   Every elected member of the Board of Directors should know, that if he or she would like to win another election ever again,  oppose anything Troy Edgar supports.




One Response to “Taxin’ Troy Edgar Pushing for a Massive Increase in Sewer Fees”

  1. Los al watcher said

    Funny. Edgar first got his majority by attacking an old Los Al Councilman, Ken Parker, for voting for this very same tax five years ago.

    Funny how now Edgar is changing his tune.

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