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Live Blogging: Orange County Clerk-Recorder Appointment Meeting 1

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on March 5, 2013

Today I have the distinct honor of blogging a huge event in Orange County. The first major step in appointing the new Orange County Clerk-Recorder takes place today. The OC Board of Supervisors is going to select those candidates that advance for an interview during their meeting that will begin shortly.


Each Supervisor can pick up to 20 people for an interview, although, I highly doubt any one Supervisor will appoint that many people. Rumor has it that Shawn Nelson always pushes the meetings to finish quickly, so this might end quickly.

Shawn Nelson is already pushing the meeting to go really fast and has shut down a local gadfly from talking off topic on agenda item number 2. The item was on tracking bracelets for people and the speaker continued to wander off topic. This is a good sign that the meeting will be pushed very quickly.

Update 9:45 AM– Todd Spitzer spoke about concerns that he has with releasing individuals that should serve jail time including those that commit misdemeanors as a result of AB 109. This also is in alignment with his concerns about increased costs of the bracelets.

Update 9:50 AM– This could drag out and I am not going to blog about the random minutia that takes place during the meeting. I will keep readers posted on where they are in the agenda, but will not post the detailed discussions on each topic that does not pertain to the OC Clerk-Recorder appointment process.

Update 9:56 AM– We are already on to Item 15 and Nelson is absolutely flying through this meeting. I believe that he might learn how to speak at auctioneer speed in order to make the meetings go even faster. We are going to get to the OC Clerk-Recorder appointment process very shortly. Keep hitting refresh for the latest updates.

Update 10:10 AM– We are now on to Item 18 under OC Public Works which means that we are getting even closer. The OC Clerk-Recorder discussion should take place in Item 20.

Update 10:14 AM– Oops I meant to say Item 24 for the OC Clerk-Recorder discussion. My apologies on that. In another note we are on to Item 19.

Update 10:17 AM– This one goes out to the OC Insider that commented below. The following are some of the more notable (rumored applicants for OC Clerk-Recorder) members of the audience. Chris Norby and Hieu Nguyen are the only 2 rumored candidates that I recognize in the audience and OC Register reporter Andrew Galvin is also present.

Update 10:27 AM– Tustin Councilman Al Murray just spoke on behalf of the Association of California Cities. On a clarification note I gut tem 20 mixed up with 24 due to the fact that Item 20 is the discussion of the new County CEO process.

Update 10:30 AM– Norberto Santana of the Voice of OC just showed up for those that were asking who is at the meeting.

Update 10:52 AM– Joining the Association of California Cities has brought the meeting to a stand still. Quick note to the commenter below, Renee Ramirez might be in the audience but I have never met her or seen a picture of her, therefore, would not know if she was at the meeting.

Update 10:59 AM– We are now on to Item 24B next which is the OC Clerk-Recorder discussion.

Update 11:03 AM– Supervisor Nelson has already put forward the names of Linda Dixon, Hieu Nguyen but was interrupted to discuss the procedure first.

Update 11:05 AM– Supervisor Moorlach and Supervisor Nelson are debating whether or not each name put forward needs a second.

Update 11:07 AM– See the below.

Nelson puts forward the names of Linda Dixon, Hieu Nguyen, Renee Ramirez, Bruce Peotter, Chris Norby, Steve Rosansky, Dick Ackerman, and Larry Bayles

Supervisor Spitzer added nobody to the list.

Supervisor Nguyen put forward the following names Ron Davidson, Tanya Mayweather, Roy Reynolds, and Harry Sidhu.

Supervisor Bates put forward the names of Steve Madoff, Elizabeth Fleming, Lydia Lake, Michael Fox, and Steve Waechter.

Supervisor Moorlach added Dale Anderson, Andrew Calderon, Alicia Campbell, William Copoluss, Stewart Davis, Ellie Gasemie, and Francis Lacata to the list. I might have missed one here as Moorlach was speaking very fast. Forgive the spelling on some of these names.

Update 11:16 AM– The Supervisors are now discussing the procedure for narrowing the list of candidates for OC Clerk-Recorder. BTW Nelson looked visibly angry when the name Harry Sidhu was brought forward.

Update 11:22 AM– I’m going to say what everyone is thinking right now. This meeting is soooooo boring they are fighting over simple procedure. The newest change is that Supervisor Bates believes that they should come back with 10 names from the current list.

Update 11:25 AM– Todd Spitzer wants to know if he can submit a list of candidates he supports since he will not be at the next meeting. He appears to be willing to have it noticed that he will be conferenced in.

Update 11:26 AM– Moving on to the next part of the meeting and I am out of here. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for a follow-up post I will be writing tomorrow after researching who all of the applicants are and speculating on what the odds are that they will be appointed.

10 Responses to “Live Blogging: Orange County Clerk-Recorder Appointment Meeting 1”

  1. OC Insider said

    Please report who you know is in the audience. Ackerman? Norby?

    • OC Insider said

      We’d think Renee Ramirez might be there as well — she’s reported to be Daly’s pick.

      • OC Insider said

        Santana or Galvin should know who she is.

      • I was in attendance at the Board of Supervisors, of course. For various conflict of interest reasons (obvious to those who know me and obvious to many of our OC Political readers), I have declined to blog about Clerk-Recorder.

        I will, however, answer your basic factual inquiry, and I will state that I did not see Renee Ramirez in the audience.

  2. met00 said

    I’m so excited. I feel like a kid on Christmas Day… 20 each… I may get called. :-)

  3. OC Insider said

    Chris, was there some mechanism to avoid two Supes nominating the same candidate?

  4. vernnelson said

    Least deserving – that career politician Dick Ackerman, after his unpunished criminality regarding the Fairgrounds Swindle, and his fraudulent attempts to get his wife back into office in Fullerton when we all know they live in Irvine. Almost anyone else would be okay, but I gotta root for my buddies Mike Fox and Linda Dixon!

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