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Garden Grove Council to limit public comments?

Posted by Thomas Gordon on January 8, 2013


This evening the Garden Grove City Council will be discussing an item that would reduce the amount of time for public comment.

Staff reports state “An inordinate amount of time is devoted to public comment, often of a repetitive nature.”

The Council seeks to cut the time per speaker from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.

I’ve heard from several residents and community leaders who state that they plan on objecting to the proposal at this evenings meeting which starts at 6:30.

Do you think the Council will place limits on speakers or find a better way to do the people’s business without limiting the people’s input?

6 Responses to “Garden Grove Council to limit public comments?”

  1. junior said

    Whatever GG does it will be more generous than Santa Ana’s gag on public comments – which is only a sum total of 3 minutes for all agenda items other than public hearings.

  2. IMHO said

    There is a fine line between “comments” and grandstanding or harassment. Also, in the interest of having ALL city business heard in a timely manner – if comments are made in the repetitive nature – then yes, there needs to be accommodations. While it is understandable that there are “hot button” issues that will draw quite the crowd, there are other items of business on the agenda that others, though smaller in number, find just as important. Being someone who has congregated large groups to get a point made – We were always respectful of time. Ask one person to speak on behalf of the collective point of view and have that person ask all that are in the audience that subscribe to that opinion to raise their hands. The time can also be split amongst a few people to make the point(s). If you want your point of view to be respected, then you set the example by being respectful of others. The battlefield of ideas is a wonderful thing. Be pointed, well thought out and relevant with your remarks. No one likes bullies

  3. Gustavo Arellano said

    As first reported by the OC Weekly: http://blogs.ocweekly.com/navelgazing/2013/01/garden_grove_city_council_public_comments.php

  4. junior said

    “The Garden Grove Council has for the time being decided to not persue limits on free speech.”

    While Santa Ana’s gag on free speech remains in place.

  5. anon said

    Is 3 minutes really unusual? Don’t most councils limit comments to 3 minutes?

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