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Hunt’s Hypocrisy: A Menagerie of Special Favors and the ‘Code of Silence’

Posted by Republican Willie Brown on September 25, 2012

The Things Hunt Hopes You Forgot

Orange County Elected Officials Should Take a Closer Look, Pull Their Support

(Orange County)- As Election Day draws closer, the voters of Laguna Hills will make an important decision regarding who will best represent them and successfully lead their city into the future.

With two open seats up for grabs, the City of Laguna Hills has quite the decision to make this November with five candidates vying for the positions.  There are four known Republicans, five total candidates.

One of those candidates is former Sheriff’s Lieutenant Bill Hunt.

For those who remember, Hunt was one of the candidates who ran for Sheriff against former Sheriff Mike Carona and current Sheriff Sandra Hutchens.

Hunt enjoys playing the role of “victim” by leading people to believe he’s the “Andy Griffith” of Orange County who tried to stand up to Carona in the name of some higher moral imperative.

Unfortunately, for Bill Hunt the truth about his record and past are merely a continuation of the failures and gross missteps that left a black eye on our Sheriff’s Department and the Republican Party for years.

Bill Hunt’s cry was all about ending special treatment; something Bill knows a lot about considering it was his standard operating procedure.

The bottom line: Electing Bill Hunt to the Laguna Hills City Council will mean one thing – opening up all the scandals and disgraceful behavior Hunt was involved in from day one, which is exactly what Orange County doesn’t need.

The following are just a few occurrences that will re-surface:

  1. Bill Hunt gave special treatment to donors from his Sheriff’s campaign when they skirted the law and were caught by fellow deputies. All while he was still with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and campaigning against Mike Carona for allegedly doing the exact same thing.  Click here for the KCAL 9 News story regarding Hunt’s special treatment encounter with one of his donors, Robert Stevenson, who was pulled over in 2010 for a DUI and personally driven home by deputies at Hunt’s direction. It wasn’t until later deputies arrested Stevenson and took him to the main jail to be processed once the cat was out of the bag. Apparently this isn’t the first time Hunt has been involved in special treatment for friends. Hunt has previously ordered deputies to change their police reports promoting the ‘Code of Silence’ that gives law enforcement an unnecessary bad wrap.
  2. Bill Hunt sued the County of Orange and lost costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees.
  3. The Sheriff’s Department demoted Bill Hunt after the County conducted an independent/third party personnel assessment . This same report came out in a federal lawsuit involving Bill Hunt; we are obtaining the full report and will be posting it here in a follow up article.
  4. Bill Hunt is now a self-proclaimed artist of controversial illustrations on the Internet including inappropriate pictures of women, among others relating to violence and religion that some may find offensive at illustrationbyhunt.com – not exactly “elected official” material.

Whether it was ordering deputies to give Robert Stevenson special treatment or illustrating controversial and inappropriate images on the web, this is not the kind of character we need in our elected officials and those who will naturally become spokespersons for the Republican Party.

ATTENTION: Elected officials/leaders who may have chosen to endorse Hunt.

You need to take a serious look and reconsider your support.  Otherwise, you may find yourself plastered on his mail pieces wondering how you got tied in with his indescretions.

The citizens of Laguna Hills should be disgusted at his preferential treatment and his denial of any wrongdoing. During these tough times it is vital that we elect people with the character, fortitude, and good conscience to lead our governments and represent us both ethically and responsibly.

We’ve been down this road before.  Bill Hunt is wrong for our party and wrong for Laguna Hills.

6 Responses to “Hunt’s Hypocrisy: A Menagerie of Special Favors and the ‘Code of Silence’”

  1. Brutus said

    Tim Whitacre, Tony Bushala, Allan Bartlett and any of the other Hunt kool-aid drinkers better not read this! They’ll be very, very mad at you for pulling back the veil on their hero.

  2. Allan Bartlett said

    The 1st Amendment affords people like Brutus to take as many liberties with the truth as they want. I see Bill easily getting elected to this post and further annoying the establishment of the party.

  3. Brutus said

    What liberties with the truth did I take? I didn’t write this post, but I don’t seeing you takinjg issue with anything Republican Willie Brown wrote, either. Do you turn a blind eye to anything Hunt does because he “annoy the establishment of the party”? Is that all you really care about?

  4. met00 said

    Wow, and do try to remember that the OC GOP endorsed Dean Grose. Dean is best remembered as “The Watermelon Mayor”, but far be it from the OC GOP to distance themselves from a man who forwarded racist pictures of the White House. It is understandable that a man who couldn’t understand what was “funny” about the racist e-mail he sent (when asked what was funny he said it just was, when asked if it was the racist stereotypes of watermelon and blacks, he said no… but then couldn’t give a reason as to why it was funny and worthy of forwarding) may not understand that a public records request two years ago also found that he had forwarded the “blue pigeon” (http://www.funnyandjokes.com/the-blue-pigeon.html) joke to city employees as well.

    That the GOP has a problem reaching out to minorities is not that hard to understand when they endorse a man who sends racist (black and latino) jokes to people.

  5. What a joke. If this site desires any credibility the author of this hit piece should be displayed prominently. Trying to smear Bill Hint as if he is Corona himself is beyond laughable. What stake does the party establishment have in Hunt’s bid for city council? Thanks to the Corona apologists we have a sheriff that never should have been elected.

    • Diogenes said

      Take another swig of kool-aid, Nick. You, and Bartlett and the rest of the Hunt worshippers don’t want to know the truth about Hunt. And it does no good to tell you, because none of you want to hear it. You don’t want to hear that Hunt, knowing everything he did about Carona, supported him anyway, because he hoped to be Carona’s chosen successor. Hunt only turned on Carona when Carona decided to run for a third term — ONLY when it got in the way of Hunt’s personal ambitions.

      You guys don’t care that Hunt was totally in the pocket of the deputies union (funny how you and Bartlett yell and scream about union influence but make excuses for Bill Hunt). Hunt buys you guys off by promising to give out more CCWs than Hutchens. You guys sell out cheap.

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