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The cover up is often worse than the crime

Posted by Thomas Gordon on June 21, 2012


After the recent hearings and prior to the vote on whether to charge Attorney General Eric Holder with Contempt of Congress for withholding documents that had been under subpoeana for well over a year, the President invoked Executive Privilege over those documents.

A US Border Agent was murdered as were hundreds of Mexican citizens as the result of actions taken at a level that appears to originate from the very top, otherwise this Executive Privilege decree would not have been invoked.

Executive Privilege did not work during Watergate, but it may work here because this lawless president simply ignores the other branches of government when they displease him.

Then Senator Obama appeared on Larry King Live in 2007 where he stated “Theres been a tendency on the part of this administration to try to hide behind executive privilege every time there’s something a little shaky that’s taken place”

One wonders what Barack Obama knows and when he knew it…….

15 Responses to “The cover up is often worse than the crime”

  1. Greg Diamond said

    As I’ve said on the blog where I write, please, please, please don’t make the central line of attack on Obama in this election. As a Democrat, I am more afraid of its awesome power than I can possibly express.

    • Greg Diamond said

      In return, I will promise not to mention that Darrell Issa voted for this very program in 2008. (Not every day, anyway.)

      • Thomas Gordon said

        Project Gunrunner, which he voted for, and Operation Fast & Furious were two completely different operations.

        From the US Embassy website in Mexico:
        ATF is deploying its resources strategically on the Southwest Border to deny firearms, the “tools of the trade,” to criminal organizations in Mexico and along the border, and to combat firearms-related violence affecting communities on both sides of the border. In partnership with other U.S. agencies and with the Government of Mexico, ATF refined its Southwest Border strategy. ATF developed Project Gunrunner to stem the flow of firearms into Mexico and thereby deprive the narcotics cartels of weapons. The initiative seeks to focus ATF’s investigative, intelligence and training resources to suppress the firearms trafficking to Mexico and stem the firearms-related violence on both sides of the border.

        Notice those terms deny, stem the flow, deprive and suppress.

        That means keep guns away from dangerous cartels and criminals.

        Fast & Furious which Barack Obama & AG Holder thought up, placed thousands of unmarked and untraceable weapons into the hands of dangerous cartels and criminals.

        Looks like Barack Obama & AG Holder are responsible for a modern day Watergate where hundreds or thousands have been murdered as a direct result of their actions, including an American Border Agent.

        • Greg Diamond said

          Fast & Furious was the same thing, although the people on the ground in Arizona (not Obama appointees, as I recall) seem to have messed up.

          The phrase ” which Barack Obama & AG Holder thought up” is a flat out lie. I challenge you to show that it was devised in the White House — as the Watergate cover-up was — rather than operationally in Arizona.

          Undercover operations sometimes lead to deaths. That’s a sad fact of police work, with which you seem to be entirely unfamiliar.

          But, again, I wish you the best in calling as much attention as possible to your terrifying argument.

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  3. Dan Chmielewski said

    This was a program started by the Bush administration in 2006. Obama has used executive privilege once. W used it 6 times,. Clinton 12. George H.W. Bush once.

    COLBERT: Yes, very clearly, Obama started this gun tracking program in 2006, when he hypnotized George Bush. Then he secretly ordered Attorney General Holder to order the Justice Department, to order the ATF to order gun shops to sell guns to Mexican drug cartels, and then lose track of them, thereby panicking Americans to gin up support for the draconian gun control measures that Obama has never introduced.

    • Thomas Gordon said

      Dan-Please see my comment above to Greg where I explain the difference between Gunrunner and Fast & Furious. Bush did indeed use Gunrunner in an attempt to keep weapons out of the hands of dangerous criminals.

      Fast & Furious placed weapons into the hands of criminals and cartels which resulted in hundreds, maybe thousands of dead, including a US Border Agent.

      • Greg Diamond said

        Thomas, I really don’t want to talk you out of putting as many chips as possible on this bogus and futile issue, but I have to ask you: when you say that Bush used “Gunrunner in an attempt to keep weapons out of the hands of dangerous criminals” and that “Fast & Furious placed weapons into the hands of criminals and cartels,” what exactly do you think is the difference between them?

        For example is it possible that both operations “placed weapons into the hands of criminals” “in an attempt to keep weapons out of the hands of dangerous criminals” by hoping to trace the journey of those guns from the easily replaced “small fry” involved in on-the-street criminal operations to the “kingpins” whose apprehension would actually put a dent in operations?

        Do you agree that if this was true of both operations, which admittedly may have differed in their ultimate effectiveness, drawing the sort of moral distinction you imply is highly, highly misleading and even disingenuous?

        Don’t let that stop you from putting all of your chips on this, of course. Oh yeah — and some point you can perhaps explain what you understand was the problem with Watergate, to which you liken this, in the manner of someone analogizing a fatal traffic accident to the bombing of Cambodia.

  4. Fair and Balanced said

    EDITORS’ NOTE: This comment has been redacted for obscene content and a personal attack upon a commenter.

  5. Spoiler said

    Pretty sure Dan meant Fair and Balanced. Hope the guys at this blog flag the IP address. But not hard to figure out who hates Dan the most in the blogosphere and who isn’t working now

  6. Dan Chmielewski said

    Greg — The “coward” reference was to the anonymous troll, not you. Pretty sure they’ve been trolling at our blog too. It doesn’t bug me but comments like this say far more about the person who wrote them than me. Get some help fella….life’s too short to be so angry

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