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Live Blogging: Central Committee Meeting 6-18-2012

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on June 18, 2012

7:02 PM- Nguyen is driving the OC Politicalmobile on our way to the meeting which has been moved to Skosh Monahans in Costa Mesa.

7:17 PM- We have arrived at the meeting a few minutes late.

7:19 PM- They are now in the process of appointing a financial review committee which will consist of a member from each Assembly District Committee.

7:23 PM- I just learned from fellow OC Political blogger Craig Alexander that Bill Dunlap has been appointed to replace the seat held by former party chairman Tom Fuentes.

7:27 PM- John Warner voted in as the new 1st Vice Chairman.

7:30 PM- Speech is being given by John Warner thanking members and talking about working together to move forward.

7:32 PM- John Warner now giving his first report as 1st Vice Chair, talking about Flag Day. Mary Young now giving her report on voter registration efforts.

7:34 PM- Bills are all paid and no ethics committee complaints during the June election cycle and meeting appears to be coming to a close.

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