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Orly Taitz Blames Voting Machine Fraud For Her Loss

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on June 7, 2012

H/T to Martin Wisckol of the OC Register Total Buzz blog for posting an article about Orly Taitz claiming that birther lawyer Orly Taitz is suspecting election fraud in her loss to quite a few opponents in her race for top two for United States Senate. The result was that Dianne Feinstein and Elizabeth Emken will face off in November for the Senate seat.

Chris Nguyen even questioned why Orly Taitz never released her naturalization certificate in light of the fact that Mitt Romney and Barack Obama both released their birth certificates.

It turns out that I actually saw this news story as well last night, when voting machine DRE 700 won the Presidential race. Take a look at the news story:

Voting Machine Elected President

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