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Prop 14 in Action: Intraparty Battles in November

Posted by Chris Nguyen on June 6, 2012

It used to be that the top vote-getter from each party in the June primary election advanced to the November general election.  Well, Proposition 14 changed all that, requiring the top two candidates from the June primary to advance to November regardless of party, regardless of whether someone gained more than 50% of the vote, and regardless of whether there were only two candidates in June.

Like it or not, Prop 14 has caused a number of intraparty battles in November.  Specifically, 28 out of 153 races (18.3%) will be intraparty battles in November.  Here’s a rundown, based on last night’s results:

8 out of 53 Congressional races (15.1%), with two Democrats in 6 of the races and two Republicans in 2 of the races

  • CD-8: Two Republicans (Paul Cook and Gregg Imus)
  • CD-15: Two Democrats (incumbent Pete Stark and Eric Swalwell)
  • CD-30: Two incumbent Democrats! (Brad Sherman and Howard Berman)
  • CD-31: Two Republicans (incumbent Gary Miller and Bob Dutton)
  • CD-35: Two Democrats (incumbent Joe Baca and Gloria Negrete McLeod)
  • CD-40: Two Democrats (incumbent Lucille Roybal-Allard and David Sanchez)
  • CD-43: Two Democrats (incumbent Maxine Waters and Bob Flores)
  • CD-44: Two incumbent Democrats! (Janice Hahn and Laura Richardson)

2 out of 20 State Senate races (10%), with two Democrats in both races (it’s 20 Senate seats because Senate terms are staggered so only half the seats are on the ballot in any given general election)

  • SD-13: Two Democrats (Jerry Hill and Sally Lieber)
  • SD-15: Two Democrats (Jim Beall and Joe Coto)

18 out of 80 State Assembly races (22.5%), with two Democrats in 12 of the races and two Republicans in 6 of the races

  • AD-1: Two Republicans (Brian Dahle and Rick Bosetti)
  • AD-2: Two Democrats (incumbent Wesley Chesbro and Tom Lynch)
  • AD-5: Two Republicans (Rico Oller and Frank Bigelow)
  • AD-10: Two Democrats (incumbent Michael Allen and Marc Levine)
  • AD-18: Two Democrats (Rob Bonta and Abel Guillen)
  • AD-19: Two Democrats (Phil Ting and Michael Breyer)
  • AD-20: Two Democrats (Bill Quirk and Jennifer Ong)
  • AD-23: Two Republicans (Jim Patterson and Bob Whalen)
  • AD-39: Two Democrats (Raul Bocanegra and Richard Alaron)
  • AD-46: Two Democrats (Adam Nazarian and Brian Johnson)
  • AD-47: Two Democrats (Joe Baca, Jr. and Cheryl Brown)
  • AD-50: Two Democrats (incumbent Betsy Butler and Richard Bloom)
  • AD-51: Two Democrats (Jimmy Gomez and Luis Lopez)
  • AD-59: Two Democrats (Reggie Jones-Sawyer and Rodney Robinson)
  • AD-62: Two Democrats (incumbent Steven Bradford and Mervin Evans)
  • AD-67: Two Republicans (Phil Paule and Melissa Melendez)
  • AD-72: Two Republicans (Troy Edgar and Travis Allen)
  • AD-76: Two Republicans (Rocky Chavez and Sherry Hodges)

5 Responses to “Prop 14 in Action: Intraparty Battles in November”

  1. JIm said

    Lots of votes still out in the 72nd race, the absentees favored Dovinh and Pham for 2nd place. The remaining votes are also absentees, 10,000 to 12,000 remain to be counted by my estimate.

  2. John said

    Many of these are still too close to call. Only 209 votes seperate three canidates vying for 2nd place in CD 8. AD 72 as mentioned above is another. I’m sure there’s more.

  3. Fahrenheit 451 said

    In the Edgar/Allen race, if Allen can raise a lot more money, could be the GOP establishment vs. a more independent, but unknown, business man. Edgar got GOP and CRA endorsements, but Allen appeared to not want to sully his campaign with such meaninglessness. Rank and file voters don’t care what these dinosaurs have to say.

    Edgar is a failed business man — he claims to own two companies, both private, but judging from their websites, they’re hardly successful (we believe he’s “all in” with his own money for this campaign). Allen is a wealth manager with what appears to be a stable client base. Edgar appears to NEED this job; Allen does not. In the Assembly minority, especially as freshmen, neither will make a difference anyway.

    Allen will likely need to go negative, but he can then animate his great “Taxin’ Troy” mailers by hammering on the self-proclaimed “Tax Fighter’s” for-crap record in tiny Los Alamitos where he continually raised taxes and fees from his city council chair.

    Allen would also be very smart to drag Brett Barbre, Edgar’s slimy campaign manager and party hack into the argument and ask why he took about $48k from the equally slimy County Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly to research an “Orange County Sports Hall of Fame”. Allen should also be calling for an investigation which seems to have fallen through some cracks at the County and the Board of Supervisors. Friends for Fullerton’s Future has all the history on Barbre and Daly and the missing money.

    Allen should dig hard into Edgar’s malfeasance and messing with the trash haulers in Los Al. He lost his city at least $215k by blatantly NOT following city procurement and bidding policy. We don’t need this level of pocket picking in Sacramento where graft is a resume enhancer.

    Allen needs to hammer on Edgar’s ridiculous grandstanding while Los Al was a member of the Orangeline Development Authority (olda.org). He wished to use valuable OC transit right-of-way to drive an ELEVATED MAGLEV train through the County which had NO funding, would have been redundant with the equally nutty Brown Streak bullet train and had no ridership projections that could believably justify its construction.

    Allen MUST debate Edgar and get in his face on all four points above. If Edgar weasels out, that’s a mailer in itself. The debate must NOT be moderated by vacuous Kermit Marsh who soft balled the questioning in the only previous AD72 debate in Westminster. Edgar has a nasty disposition and could easily fold under pressure as he’s got a lot to hide and no good answers to the above. His personal life and multiple marriages also wouldn’t stand much examination. The debate should be televised by KOCE or Time Warner.

    Allen needs some endorsements from the Vietnamese community, and from the Westminster city council. Allen also needs to court the Tea Party that’s active in the 72nd to counter the establishment support that Edgar’s getting from the GOP regulars.

    That’s all there is to it.

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