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AD-74 Initial Reaction: Mansoor Dominates Daigle; Munger Jumped in Too Late for Daigle

Posted by Chris Nguyen on June 5, 2012

Allan Mansoor, Leslie Daigle, Robert Rush

Assemblyman Allan Mansoor (R-Costa Mesa), Councilwoman Leslie Daigle (R-Newport Beach), and Businessman Robert Rush (D-Newport Beach)

With a 20% lead for Assemblyman Allan Mansoor over Councilwoman Leslie Daigle in the absentee votes, this will likely prove insurmountable for Daigle to overcome in late absentees and poll votes.  Charles Munger’s largesse was simply too late in the game to save Daigle to overcome Mansoor’s massive absentee lead.

Latest numbers
Mansoor: 42.8%
Rush: 34.4%
Daigle: 22.9%

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